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Designing Trade Show Literature

The vast majority of trade show literature winds up in various trash cans inside and outside the exhibit hall. If you plan to use literature in your trade show marketing program, you should focus on keeping your brochures in the hands of visitors and attendees and out of the trash can. Creating literature that is both informative and engaging is not an easy task, but it can be done.

Distribution Tactics

Visitors and attendees are much more likely to hold on to your promotional brochures if you use passive distribution tactics instead of active distribution tactics. Instead of harassing people in the aisles trying to get them to take your literature, simply display your literature in an attractive literature rack and let people who are interested in your company take what they want. If your literature is well designed, it will attract attendees without you needing to shove it in their face even if it's just resting on your literature holder.

Keep It Consistent

Promoting brand recognition and positive brand association are important goals in any trade show marketing program. If you keep your branding consistent throughout your trade show material, you are much more likely to leave your potential clients with a vivid memory of your company. If your promotional brochures match well with your trade show display system, business cards, giveaway items, and other marketing material, it will legitimize your brand and leave visitors to your booth with a good feeling about the health of your company.

Use Bold Text and Images

No one wants to read large blocks of text about your company's history, so the use of simple, bold marketing slogans and high-impact images will make your literature stand out from the pack. If you need to relay pricing information or other technical data, try to keep it confined to the interior of your brochures so that visitors will not be scared away by a technical-looking catalog. Basically, your literature needs to be attractive and informative in order to reach the widest audience and keep itself out of the trash can.

If you need help designing your trade show literature, we can help! Give us a call at 877.MOD.EXPO or email for more information.

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