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5 Best 10x20 Trade Show Display Kits for 2021 and 2022

5 Best 10x20 Trade Show Display Kits for 2021 and 2022

After a down year in 2020, live events will regain their importance and many brands are eager to boost sales and increase their trade show success. 

One way of elevating your brand message and raising visibility at your event is to purchase a larger booth space at important shows. 

The 10x20 booth size is a popular choice as it's a nice middle ground between heightened visibility and affordability.

2021 and 2022 will come with unique opportunities and unique challenges for trade show exhibitors. 

You will need a dynamic booth that can be used at moments notice and will also fit in several different size spaces. Having an exhibit that can transform from a 10x20 display one weekend into several 10x10, or smaller, displays next weekend will be helpful in tackling what should be a very busy show schedule in the second half of 2021.

Ideally, your 2021 exhibit will be reliable, adjustable and easily updated for the more normal industry show and local event schedule that will start in the early months of 2022. 

Below is a list of five popular 10x20 trade show display ideas that are dynamic and offer different key benefits to meet common display needs. 

1. Best 10x20 Trade Show Display Kit For Versatility in 2021 and 2022

This booth, or panels from this booth, can be used in over 20 different layouts ranging from single panel, 10x10, and 10x20 booth displays. With all the added display options this kit offers, your company is covered regardless of what booth size or event type you attend in 2021 and 2022. 

Waveline Media Kit 20.09
Waveline Media Kit 20.09

Waveline Media Kit 20.09 Top View

As a 10x20 trade show booth display, this exhibit has nearly everything you could ask for. 

On top of the standard kit, almost all of these panels have the ability to be printed double-sided, adding even more layout options and versatility. 

Aside from being a versatile and dynamic display, the entire kit only weighs about 220 lbs which is very manageable for a 10x20 exhibit with eight panels and four counters. This entire kit can also be assembled in under one hour.  

2. Best 10x20 Trade Show Display Kit For Grabbing Attention in 2021 and 2022

It’s not surprising that a backlit display would be the best attention grabbing display kit. The surprise is how affordable and versatile it is. 

Infinity DNA Pro Lightbox Kit 20.04
Infinity DNA Pro Lightbox Kit 20.04
Infinity DNA Pro Lightbox Kit 20.04 Side View

If you want to make a big impression, this backlit kit is the way to do it. 

This booth is fun, exciting and a natural attention grabber. The back wall is made out of two 10x10 backlit Infinity displays with their large and crisp, edge-to-edge graphics. Be sure to follow our guidelines on designing for a back lit graphic to maximize your investment. 

The backlit air counters inflate in under a minute and add a huge presence to the front of the booth. Customers will also naturally be drawn to the branded inflatable benches. Once you have brought guests into your booth, let your staff use the monitor stand to help educate them about your company. 

Use this 10x20 booth to jump start your 2021 trade show season and then break down the booth into two 10x10 backlit Infinity displays for smaller events and your standard 2022 shows. 

3. Best 10x20 Trade Show Display Kit with Two Monitors in 2021 and 2022

Ordering a 10x20 trade show display that is entirely branded, has room for two monitors on the back wall and is still affordable can be a challenging task, until now. 

Waveline Media Kit 20.08
Waveline Media Kit 20.08

Waveline Media Kit 20.08 Top View

This display is perfect for small businesses and marketing departments that really want several monitors but don’t need the extra bells and whistles. 

  • 2 Branded Monitor Ready Panels Included
  • 1 Standard 10x10 Tension Fabric Panel Included
  • 3 Total Stand Alone Panels Included 
  • Plenty Of Front Booth Space For Demo Displays, Staff, and Guests
  • Entire Booth Fits Into 2 Hard Shipping Cases

While this exhibit may not include some of the extras other kits come with, it’s an incredibly popular layout that works well. Having two monitors mounted on the back wall allows you to simultaneously run numerous videos or applications. You also have the option of setting up different stations in your booth space for guests to visit. Since each monitor is mounted in the display frame itself, you save a lot of valuable floor space for guests and demo exhibits. 

Your company will also love how easy this booth is to assemble. The three panel back wall is light and manageable. This entire kit can be up in under an hour allowing your staff to focus on more pressing tasks. 

If you prefer to not have a monitor on each side panel for some events, your team can order full fabric graphics for each of these panels. Additionally, the two smaller side panels can be used as a 10ft display. We recommend in this case that you use one panel with a monitor and one full graphic panel like our Waveline Media 10.04 layout.

4. Best 10x20 Trade Show Display Kit For Selling Products in 2021 and 2022

Merchandise sales from your event can be a vital source of continued revenue for years. Having a booth that grabs attention, offers enough merchandising space, and still allows room for your staff and guests is essential to your show success.

XVline Modular Kit 20.07 10x20 display
XVline Modular Kit 20.07 10x20 display

XVline Modular Kit 20.07 10x20 display Side View

The XVLine 20.07 Kit covers all the bases you want in a merchandising booth. 

  • Adjustable Shelving 
  • Space For Guests To Interact With Merchandise
  • Large Branded Graphics That Don't Interfere With Merchandise Sections
  • Slatwall Allows For Numerous Types Of Merchandising Racks
  • Tall Branded Header Graphic

Flexibility in a merchandising exhibit is important because it allows you to show several types of products or set up your booth as needed. This 10x20 display kit gives you freedom to assemble your racks and shelves anyway you like. 

This 20ft trade show booth can also be broken into 10ft kits as needed adding a layer of versatility that will be appreciated as show opportunities increase in the second part of 2021. 

With a sturdy aluminum extrusion frame, this kit will last for years. Updating the fabric graphics is also both affordable and easy to do.   

5. Best 10x20 Trade Show Display Kit Under $3,000 for 2021 and 2022

2021 is the first year your company is going to order a 10x20 booth but you need a professional looking display that fits your smaller budget and can be used in smaller booths spaces later on. 

Waveline 10x20 Gul1wing Kit
10x20 Waveline Gullwing Kit
Waveline 10x20 Gullwing Kit from the side

While this display may come in at a lower price point, it's still loaded with value. 

  • 2 Full 10x10 Curved Kits Included
  • 147sq. FT Of Graphic Area
  • Attention Grabbing Curved Design
  • Assembly In Under 30 Minutes
  • 95 lbs Total Weight

This is the perfect 10x20 display booth for a new 20ft exhibitor or for a company that needs multiple 10x10 displays for numerous shows and staff members. Your brand can use this booth as the 10x20 display at major events and then as the very popular 10ft Curved Kit at smaller events. 

The versatility and value this booth will provide your company through a hectic 2021 fall and winter show schedule and then again through your standard 2022 schedule circuit will be incredible. At this price point, your ROI for this booth is very tough to beat among any display kit available. 


With the second half of 2021 looking a bit hectic with so many trade shows fit into five months, having a display that can be used in a big booth or broken down into several displays is a huge advantage. 

On top of using this exhibit in the second half of 2021, being able to easily update or use the same exact displays for what we believe will be a much more standard 2022 trade show circuit is a great way to maximize your investment. 

If you have any questions, want to look at more kit options or even build a custom layout, please send us an email at info@moddisplays.com or call us at 877.663.3976. 

July 30, 2021
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