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How New CDC Recommendations Impact Trade Shows in 2021

How New CDC Recommendations Impact Trade Shows in 2021

New CDC Guidelines for fully vaccinated people

On May 13th, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released updated recommendations for fully vaccinated individuals. 

Here are four highlights pertaining to exhibitors and event attendees from the May 13th update. 

  1. No longer need to wear a mask in most indoor and outdoor settings
  2. No longer need to social distance in most indoor and outdoor settings
  3. Resume domestic travel without testing or quarantining before and after the trip
  4. Can refrain from testing and quarantining after coming in contact with an asymptomatic exposure

For a full overview, please read the entire CDC Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People report.

Don’t Assume Your Event Is Now Mask Free 

Just because the CDC has said fully vaccinated individuals can go without masks, social distancing, and testing for the most part, doesn't mean your event will do that.  

The CDC actually states you still need to follow “federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance.” 

Many events this summer and fall are likely to still enforce mask and distancing policies. These events want to create a show environment that is beneficial and safe for everyone. Staying with added safety precautions, especially in the first several months back from a pandemic, will be common in 2021. 

How The Updated CDC Guidelines Impact Travel 

This section is very simple, federal regulations extend through September for airlines, trains, buses, taxis, ride share programs, etc. Wearing a mask in these situations is required and not impacted by the new CDC update. 

Riding a train with a mask on
Riding a train with a mask on

How The Updated CDC Guidelines Impact Lodging

Lodging will be a little more dependent on the hotel, home, or resort but it appears that many major brands are already allowing fully vaccinated guests to get rid of their masks. If you have questions or concerns before you travel, be sure to contact the property before you book your stay. 

For example, all Las Vegas MGM properties which include Bellagio, The Mirage, Aria, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, New York New York, and Excalibur are now mask free for fully vaccinated guests and mask free for fully vaccinated employees. 

Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas
Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

Caesars Entertainment, The Cosmopolitan, The Venetian/Palazzo and most other resorts have similar policies in place according to Fox5 in Las Vegas

Hyatt Hotels recently updated their mask policy for their U.S. properties to allow fully vaccinated guests to go mask free. Their policy seems to be a little tighter on employees and they also state that each property should continue to follow federal, state, and local mandates. 

Quick Summary Of What The New CDC Recommendations Mean For Your Second Half Trade Shows in 2021

Trade shows and live events are going to come back very strong in the second half of this year, we’re already seeing evidence of this. The CDC suggesting that fully vaccinated individuals are well protected from COVID-19 was just another boost for live shows. 

While the new recommendations are great news, they won’t necessarily impact event health policies right away. Travel is not going to change much until after September in regards to masking. Hotels and resorts seem comfortable allowing fully vaccinated guests to be mask free at most properties. 

The main thing to keep in mind is that everyone is starting to adapt to what we hope is life after the pandemic. There will be some confusion and apprehension as we all return to live events. We just need to be patient and understanding as we all work through our first several in-person shows since early 2020. 

May 20, 2021
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