Wavelight Backlit 10x10 Trade Show Display Kit - 10.05
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Wavelight Backlit 10x10 Trade Show Display Kit - 10.05

One 8ft Wavelight backlit panel combines with a 3ft backlit panel to create a distinct backwall that can also be used as two separate panels. The hard shipping case includes a custom-printed casewrap that can be utilized as a podium and additional hidden storage.

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Product Details

The Wavelight display combines the best-selling features of our Waveline display with LED backlighting to form the thinnest profile of a backlit display option in the exhibit marketplace. Easy to set up, heavy duty 2-inch anodized aluminum corded poles and evenly diffused, ultra bright backlighting create a brilliantly dynamic display that is lightweight to ship and easy to put together.  The wrinkle-resistant polyester tension fabric print stretches over the frame and zips closed.  Zipper placement and grommet openings allow for cord management and access to the lights.



  • (1) 88”w x 96”h x 19.5”d
  • (1) 36”w x 96”h x 19.5”d
  • (2) Medium Nylon Bags
  • Weight Packed: 70 lbs   

Shipping Case-to-Counter  

  • (2) Counter Size: 42.5"w x 21.7"d x 39.4"h
  • Internal Case Size: 39.4"w x 19.7"d x "12.6"h
  • Internal Storage Pocket: 25.2"w x 16.2"d x 11.8"h
  • Counter will hold up to 90 lbs
  • Weight Empty: 31 lbs
  • Includes two black case-to-counter tops, one black wrap, one printed wrap

Light Arrays

  • (4) LED Rollable Light Panel Arrays
  • (4) 400W Power Supplies with Leads
  • Output wattage for each Wavelight light array is 180 watts 
  • 220V Transformers available upon request
  • 7 Total Amps
  • Soft Molded Cases for Each Component
  • Light Panels Clip on the Inside Top and Bottom of the Frame
Options and Upgrades
Set-up Time
Less than one hour
Ships in 5 business days
  • 42.6"w x 22.1"h x 15.8"d
  • 101 lbs
  • Ships from Texas

Wavelight Backlit 10x10 Trade Show Display Kit - 10.05
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