Waveline Merchandiser 10x10 Trade Show Display Kit - 10.16

A premium merchandise display with plenty of branding space, this 10x10 trade show booth features twelve shelves and five full color display panels. The lightweight back wall includes one single sided Waveline Media D Panel, two double-sided Waveline Media D Panels, two overhead lights and two merchandise display panels. This kit also includes two hard shipping cases with one converting into a full color counter.

Original Price

not required if you already have artwork designed to our templates


  • 112"w x 89"h x 52”d
  • (2) Merchandiser panels: 36"w x 89"h x 13.8”d
  • (12) Each shelf can support about 20 lbs of product
  • (1) Waveline Media Panel D Single-Sided Print: 41"w x 89"h
  • (2) Waveline Media Panel D Double-Sided Print: 41"w x 89"h
  • Graphic Print: Vibrant, wrinkle-resistant. polyester stretch fabric
  • Weight: 122 lbs

Shipping Case-to-Counter

  • Counter Size: 42.5"w x 21.7"d x 39.4"h
  • Internal Case Size: 39.4"w x 19.7"d x "12.6"h
  • Internal Storage Pocket: 25.2"w x 16.2"d x 11.8"h 
  • Counter will hold up to 90 lbs
  • Weight Empty: 30 lbs


  • (2) 12 Volt LED Lights (ETL)
  • 15 Watts Each
  • 8.2' Cord Length
  • Clamp to the top of the display

Options and Upgrades
Set-up Time
Less than an hour
Ships in 5 business days
  • Ships in two packages
  • 42.6”w x 22.1”h x 15.8”d (ea)
  • 182 lbs
  • Ships from Texas

Product Details

Who Is This Display For

The Waveline Merchandiser 10.16 Kit is a fully loaded 10x10 merchandising booth. This kit is perfect for businesses that have a lot of products to show but still want the freedom to exhibit in a 10x10 space at the majority of their events. 

This kit also offers tons of value being that you have so many different layout options available. These Waveline Media and Waveline Merchandiser panels can all be used as standalone displays as well as in combination with any or all of the other panels in the kit. 

Key Benefits Of This Display

Merchandise Sales  

This product display kit maximizes shelf space while still offering five fully printed displays. With 12 plexiglass shelving units on the back wall, your team still has room to interact with guests in the front of the booth. If you're not sure that you will use 12 shelves, we can adjust the kit to fit your needs. 

Each shelf can be adjusted to the height you need and holds roughly 20 lbs. Since you can decide the exact shelf placement, you can include more or less as needed. We also have garment bars available for the Merchandiser display.


With over 20 different display layout options, this kit offers excellent value for the price. All of the panels included can be used as standalone displays which allows you to create smaller booths as needed for local shows or company events. Between the Merchandiser displays and the standard Waveline Media panels, it’s hard to find a 10x10 trade show display that offers as many options.

What Comes In The Display Kit

Back Wall

This 10x10 trade show booth includes five tension fabric displays. There are three Waveline Media D Panels included in this kit. Two of the three D panels come with double-sided prints and will be used as the side return walls in the standard 10x10 Waveline Merchandiser layout. The third D panel is used as the very center display in the kit. 

Along with the three Waveline Media panels, this booth also uses two Waveline Merchandiser displays with six shelves a piece and two LED lights with power supplies.

Each panel uses a snap-in-place aluminum  tube frame and a polyester tension fabric graphic. All of the graphics are full color dye sublimated prints for quality and durability. Each of the stretch fabric graphics slide over the frames and zip closed to create a wrinkle free display. 

PLEASE NOTE: The three Waveline Media D Panel frames are monitor ready but no monitor mount is included in this kit. 

Hard Shipping Case-to-Counter

Everything included in this 10x10 kit will pack into two CA700 hard shipping cases. These cases have recessed wheels and use a durable hard plastic with thick fabric straps. One tension fabric graphic is included to convert one of the cases into the front counter display.

Recommended Add-Ons


Merchandising displays tend to attract a lot of people into the booth. Using Soft Wood Foam or Premium Soft Carpet flooring will help the entire exhibit not only look more polished but also add an additional level of comfort.

Waveline Merchandiser 10x10 Trade Show Display Kit - 10.16
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