Banner Stands

Efficiency at work. Easy-up retractable and tension fabric banner stands serve double-duty either as a back wall in a trade show booth or as a stand-alone for any special event, in a lobby, or open space. Whether you're using your banner stand to highlight a product feature in your trade show booth or branding in your store, banner displays are an affordable, versatile, and impactful tool.
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What is a Banner Stand?

When looking for a portable display, banner stands are a great option. They have several applications across a wide range of sectors.

Banner displays are sleek and portable stands that come in easy to manage sizes. Banner stand displays are a smart way to showcase your message at live events, trade show exhibits, and around your business. The unique blend of visibility and versatility have made banner stands one of the most utilized exhibits in the trade show industry and beyond. 

At MODdisplays, we offer a hand picked selection of reliable banner display stands for every need and want. Whether you want a retractable stand or a fabric banner, a single-sided graphic or double-sided exhibit, we have a banner stand your company can rely on.

MODdisplays Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are compact, portable, and require very little effort to set up or take down. Our retractable banner stand with vibrant graphics extends from the protected base. When the event is over, the poster stand retracts into the base, and the complete unit fits neatly in a small carrying case for easy transportation. We offer a variety of retractable banner stand models to choose from, including our longtime customer favorite Orient and Brandstand 1 banner stands.

Waveline Tension Fabric Stands

The Waveline Banner Stand is a convenient, all-in-one solution that will meet all of your marketing needs. They are lightweight, quick and easy to assemble, portable, and visually appealing. With standard vibrant double-sided graphics using the latest dye-sublimation technology, these fabric banners increase brand exposure and create a unique look. 

The tension fabric graphics slide over the sturdy, lightweight aluminum frame, providing a wrinkle-free appearance while the aluminum frame delivers durability and stability. Take advantage of the standard double-sided graphics by printing different messages on each side and getting a 2-for-1 poster stand that you can use at different events. These tension fabric stands come in a range of widths, giving you the chance to convey different messages in any marketing space.