We are made of ideas.

MODdisplays has expanded and we're excited to offer design services to cover all your marketing and event needs.

Logo Design

Your logo is the starting point for developing your brand and is the one design element found on all of your marketing materials. Our professional team of graphic designers will ensure your company is represented in the most successful way.
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Website Design

A website is a critical aspect of your branding. A website will not only legitimize your company but also set a strong image of what type of company you are. Our team will ensure you have a website that is fast, utilizes the latest technology, and is beautiful.
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Digital Slide Design

A well designed slide show can go a long way to communicate to your team or potential customers. Our team will design 5 digital slides that can be used on most digital devices such as a TV, computer, and Tablet. This service is especially great for your next event.
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(5 slides)

Brochure Design

A brochure is a great way to provide more information about your products or services. Our team of graphic designers will ensure you have a brochure that informs, intrigues, and represents your company in a professional manner.
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Business Card Design

A business card is a great way to network and stay connected with the individuals you meet in person. Our professional team of graphic designers will give you your best potential to connect with others and be sure to leave a lasting impression.
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Social Post Design

Social media is a huge part of modern marketing and having monthly, weekly, or even daily posts are critical to  engagement and viewer retention. We'll be sure you have plenty of beautifully designed content for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
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(per post)