Waveline Tension Fabric Banner Stands

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Waveline Tension Fabric Banner Stands

The Waveline tension fabric stands are essential assets, offering double-sided fabric graphics, lightweight framing, and easy setup. Their combination of high-quality materials and user-friendly design makes them a must-have for any occasion.

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Upgrade Your Display with Style and Simplicity 

Our tension fabric display stands are here to boost your booth and even your retail messaging by making your brand impossible to ignore. 

Key Features 


Double-Sided Impact. Stop customers in their tracks with eye-catching, wrinkle-free graphics that grab attention from both sides. Showcase new arrivals, promote limited-time offers, or highlight your brand story. 


Lightweight, portable power. Our banner stands are made with aluminum frames that are lightweight yet sturdy and set up in minutes, not hours. No more struggling with heavy, clunky displays. With Waveline tension fabric banner stands, moving and assembling your visuals becomes a breeze. 


Multifunctionality that knows no bounds. Waveline banner stands effortlessly adapt to your needs and truly shine in any setting. They're perfect for creating eye-catching displays and can be paired with a 10x10 or 10x20 trade show booth. Or you can use them as window displays at your store. The possibilities are endless. 


Small space, big impact. Our banner stands are compact yet powerful and fit almost anywhere. With their small size, you can maximize space without sacrificing the visual impact of your brand. Easily transform any setting into a platform to showcase your message. 


Browse our Waveline collection and find the perfect fit for your needs. Get in touch today with any questions you have or if you want to explore customization options. We're here to help!

Great for entryways into special events, trade show booths, and also for longer term uses such as promotional marketing in lobbies or atriums with heavy traffic. The aluminum frame provides stability and durability. The tension fabric graphics slip and stretch over the sturdy, leightweight frame providing a wrinkle-free visual. These banner stands can easily be printed double-sided for increased visibility. Graphics are machine washable for longevity. With a variety of widths, tension fabric stands offer opportunity for varied messages depending on the space.