Infinity DNA Lightbox Displays

10 x 20

Infinity DNA Lightbox Displays

Infinity DNA Lightbox Displays use low-profile hardware to make your illuminated graphics the focus of the backlit display.

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Why Choose the Infinity DNA 10x20 Backlit Display?

Are you ready to leave a memorable impact at your next trade show or expo? Let MODdisplays' Infinity DNA 10x20 backlit display kits take your brand to new heights. These portable lightbox displays provide an eye-catching booth design that positions your brand in the spotlight.

Light Up Your Advertising Game

Our lightbox advertising displays are equipped with high-quality LED lights. The lights are strategically positioned either at the top and bottom of the frame or on the sides. This configuration ensures even distribution of light, allowing your backlit graphics to shine consistently from every corner.

These modular lightbox displays are equipped with Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) lightbox technology. They deliver a sleek and comprehensive look that draws every passerby's attention.

Take Your Brand Anywhere with Ease

The Infinity DNA 10x20 series has a stylish and contemporary design that distinctly sets your booth apart.

Built from lightweight materials, these LED display kits represent the ultimate convenience. The aluminum frame simplifies assembly and transportation, making them an ideal choice for exhibitors on the move. They're perfect for taking your brand to every trade show with ease.

Flexibility with a Personal Touch

Every brand has its own unique vibe and visual appeal. Our LED lightbox display, backed with tension fabric, combines amazing graphics with vibrant colors. It creates an immersive and inviting atmosphere for customers.

With our display lightboxes, you can choose from different sizes, letting you create layouts that fit any expo area.

Whether you want to grab attention from every angle or focus on one spot, our 10 x 20 trade show displays are perfect. They give your brand the flexibility it needs.

Contact us with any questions, and let us help you create a standout display for your next event.