Trade Show Accessories & Add-ons

Trade show accessories are a great way to instantly elevate your trade show booth. We offer a wide variety of smart solutions for your trade-show needs. Rental costs can be expensive, but the option of purchasing often pays for itself after a couple of uses.
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Trade Show Booth Accessories

Trade Show Booth Accessories

At MODdisplays, we offer a wide range of display booth accessories for a successful event. Trade show accessories take your booth to the next level and strengthen your booth design. 

Whether you need to show off your marketing materials, enhance your layout with flooring, or simply want to make your booth stand out against competitors, we have got you covered.

Popular Trade Show Add-on Options


Make your trade show booth more comfortable and eye-catching with high-quality flooring. At MODdisplays, you can choose between soft wood flooring and premium soft carpet flooring or vinyl wood tiles

High-performing and reasonably priced, this trade show accessory display is a fantastic way to improve your booth and draw in more customers.

Media Stands

If you want to add style and eye-catching movement to your booth, media stands are your solution. They are engaging and interactive, making them excellent sales tools.

Our TV/monitor stands are brilliant for creating a strong demo station and conveying a sales pitch on an ongoing loop, and our iPad/tablet stands are great for getting visitors' contact information.

Our TV stands and iPad stands are a timeless addition to any display and can be used in a variety of settings besides just your trade show booth.


For a unique, professional look, add a custom printed trade show booth counter to your display. These portable counters can be set up quickly and easily, most without the use of tools, making assembly at trade show events a breeze. Some of the counters we offer include:

  • Pedestals 
  • Reception counters 
  • Orbital truss counters 
  • Tensions fabric counters
  • Backlit counters

Table Covers

Our high-quality table covers are the ideal trade show accessory to build a visually appealing setup. These table covers for your booth display provide a quick and affordable way to achieve a tidy and professional appearance. 

Customize your table cover with your logo or printed graphics to elevate your booth's presentation. All of our table covers are wrinkle-resistant and machine washable.

Choosing a Trade Show Accessory

Take your booth from decent to outstanding with our premium trade show accessories. Trade show flooring is a good place to start, then move on to larger items like counters or monitor stands.

We have been in the business for over 15 years and are aware of what goes into making a successful trade show display. We are happy to work with each and every one of our clients to design an exhibit that best represents their company.

Start accessorizing your booth today or contact us for more information!

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