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Waveline Media Displays

10 x 20

Waveline Media Displays

Whether you want multi-media in your 10'x20' trade show booth or just like the variety of panel sizes, Waveline Media has limitless possibilities. Sturdy, yet lightweight aluminum frame.

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Illuminate Your Brand: The Power of the 10’x20’ WaveLight Display

10 x 20 Backlit Displays: Stand Out from the Crowd

In the bustling world of trade shows, where every business is vying for attention, how can your brand truly shine? The answer is simple: with our 10'x20' WaveLight backlit trade show displays.

Why Backlit Displays? 

Backlit displays, especially those of the tension fabric variety, have a distinct edge over traditional booth setups. LED lights infuse vibrancy into your booth, making your graphics and branding pop to life.

Features of the 10'x20' WaveLight Display

1. Custom Tension Fabric Displays: 

Every brand has a unique style and look. Our backlit tension fabric displays provide a canvas where graphic design meets vibrant colors, creating an inviting atmosphere for potential clients.

2. LED Backlit Trade Show Displays: 

LED lights aren't just for aesthetics. They bring attention to key aspects of your booth, ensuring every detail is noticed. Whether it's a logo or a specific product, LED lighting ensures you're seen.

3. Sturdy Display Frame: 

Durability meets design. Our display frame is constructed to withstand the hustle and bustle of busy trade show floors while looking sharp and modern.

4. Stretch Fabric for a Sleek Finish: 

Wavelight's stretch fabric ensures that your graphics lay smoothly, free of wrinkles and creases. It's a perfect backdrop for your LED backlit trade show displays.

What Our Backlit Trade Show Booth Offers

Easy Setup: 

Worried about assembly? Don’t be. Our 10 x 20 trade show backlit display is designed with convenience in mind. With easy-to-follow instructions, you can set up and dismantle your booth without needing to hire expensive show labor.

All-in-One Display Kit: 

Our display kit comes complete with everything you need for a successful show. It includes:

  • Backlit fabric graphic for a glowing brand presentation
  • Durable display frame to support your setup
  • Click and Lock display features for quick and seamless assembly

Protective Carrying Bag & Shipping Case: 

Transporting your booth has never been easier. With our robust shipping case and handy carrying bag, your backlit tension fabric display will remain protected during transit and storage.

Benefits of Choosing Wavelight's 10'x20' Display

Dynamic Lighting Box Experience: 

Our unique lighting box innovation ensures even light distribution throughout the backlit fabric display. It’s not just about illuminating your brand, it's about creating a mood that resonates.

Attract More Foot Traffic: 

In a sea of competitors, the backlit trade show displays offer an inviting beacon, enticing visitors to discover what your brand is all about.

Savings on the Long Run: 

LED lights are not only efficient but also long-lasting. This means fewer replacements and less maintenance for you.

Ready to Elevate Your Trade Show Game?

Your brand deserves to be in the spotlight. With Wavelight's 10'x20' backlit displays, you'll not only stand out from the crowd but also convey your message with unmatched clarity and style.

Remember, it’s not just about being seen. It's about being remembered. Let our backlit fabric graphic and custom tension fabric displays ensure your brand remains unforgettable.

Make the smart choice. Choose Wavelight for a sharp, modern, and brilliantly illuminated trade show experience. Your potential clients won’t just see you—they’ll be drawn to you.

A top choice of many businesses for its versatility and range of configuration, our Waveline Media tension fabric display kits are popular due to our creative configuration kits that you will only find exclusively with MODdisplays. Most of the pre-configured kits include specialty monitor mounts that can attach 22" - 42" depending on the individual display. WLM displays feature multiple panels of lightweight yet durable frames and wrinkle-free graphics. The custom designed and printed dye-sublimated fabric graphic slides easily over the aluminum frame creating a taut visual. Flooring is an easy add-on to complete your package. Booth configurations can be customized based on your company's needs to design a display exactly right for you.
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