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10 x 20

Waveline Displays

Our all-time best-selling 10'x20' trade show displays due to its ease of setup, pricing and modern design. Premium dye-sub fabric is the high-tech solution that won't show wrinkles.

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Among our most popular trade show displays, the Waveline tension fabric displays feature a lightweight yet durable frame and wrinkle-free graphics. One of the easiest displays to setup on the market; even the most complicated kits can setup in under 45 minutes. The custom designed and printed dye-sublimated fabric graphic slides easily over the aluminum frame creating a taut visual. Overhead lights are a simple add-on (included in any kit), and can easily be attached by using their included clamps. Our specialty kits include multiple counters, which doubles as a travel case. The entire booth display packs down into the case-to-counter. With a variety of flat, curved, gullwing, or serpentine backwalls, this display option provides unique options for any company. And with a range of add-ons, we can customize any booth kit to your preferences. Media stand can be added for flat panel tv interaction.
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