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Hanging Signs

Take your brand immersion to new heights. Overhead hanging signage draws attention to your premium real estate, making your brand a beacon in the crowd. Use our hanging signs to create an eye-catching display and make it easier for visitors to navigate to your booth space. Hanging signs are a great way to display your message fast, clearly, and from all angles.

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What are Hanging Signs?

If you want to stand out from the crowd at your upcoming event, hanging signs are a fabulous option. These signs hang above your floor booth space, allowing you to show off compelling graphics and text. Trade show hanging signs elevate your message far above the competition so that you can draw more visitors to your booth.

Hanging Signs for All Trade Show Booths

Having been leaders in the industry since 2008, we have been able to compile the largest selection of trade show hanging displays for you to choose from.

We have a huge variety of sizes and shapes to meet your trade show needs, including curved hanging signs, circular hanging signs, squared hanging signs, and so much more! All of our hanging signage displays are lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble without the need for tools. Graphics are printed using an unparalleled dye-sublimation process to ensure vibrant, attention-grabbing visuals.

Double-sided Hanging Signs 

If you really want to maximize the impact of your hanging sign, upgrade to our double-sided hanging signs. Since the graphics on these hanging signs are printed on both sides, you can double up on your messaging and impact. They are ideal for giving your booth a really polished appearance and promoting your brand's message from all sides.

Designing Your Hanging Sign 

To guarantee an effective, polished booth, it's crucial that you keep your hanging sign art simple. The purpose of hanging signs is to direct people to your booth rather than pitch them a product, so make sure to keep the graphics straightforward and easy to read. Think about including your company's name, a tagline, or any relevant images, and always use colors that are representative of your brand. 

Additionally, you can double up by using two signs of different sizes to produce a distinctive slopped look.

Why Choose MODdisplays to Create Your Hanging Sign  

Being noticed at a crowded trade show can be difficult, but at MODdisplays, we make it easy. Our team will collaborate with you to design a high-quality and effective hanging sign that draws in attendees. 

Are you ready to make your brand shine? Browse our collection of hanging signs today. If you have event display questions, feel free to contact us!