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20 x 20 Island Booths

20 x 20

20 x 20 Island Booths

Waveline's 20 x 20 island exhibit packages provide the perfect balance of space and visibility. Not only can they accommodate larger crowds, but also create an inviting atmosphere to engage with potential customers. With our 20 x 20 trade show displays, you'll get maximum exposure for your brand without sacrificing comfort or quality. Make an impact with the perfect display package today!

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20 x 20 Trade Show Booth Benefits

A Truly Portable 20 x 20 Display

Waveline Media offers an unbeatable solution for those in need of a portable 20 x 20 trade booth. They are designed to be lightweight, yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of frequent setup and transport.

With these displays, you can enjoy maximum portability without compromising on performance or style. So get ready to take your trade show experience up a notch with our superior range of 20 x 20 booths!

Easily Update Your Graphics

If you're looking for a 20 x 20 trade show booth that can easily be updated, Waveline's 20 x 20 island exhibit packages are the perfect solution.

Our 20 x 20 island booth designs offer both the convenience and flexibility to update your graphics without having to purchase new hardware. Whether you need to replace individual graphics or completely re-skin your entire booth, our booths provide an easy way to keep your booth presentation up-to-date and on brand.

An Unbeatable Price Point

With a 20 x 20 exhibit booth space, companies can take advantage of the larger area that island exhibits provide in a cost-efficient way making them an excellent low-cost, high-impact solution for any brand looking to make a statement in their 20ft booth space.

Modular Booth Experience

The 20 x 20 Waveline Media booth is an incredibly versatile and valuable tool for any trade show exhibitor. These customizable booths can be easily broken down into smaller pieces, allowing exhibitors to create 10 x 10, 10 x 20, or even larger displays. This incredible piece of equipment gives more than one display solution. It's the perfect way to make an unforgettable impression at any trade show exhibition.

Affordably Customizable

Our 20 x 20 tension fabric displays are ideal for businesses seeking a custom booth solution when budget is a strong consideration. Each kit comes with standard panels and frames, which allows for easy modifications. With this system, customers can add sections to fit their exact needs or remove sections for larger spaces.

Whether you’re looking for a large-scale installation or something more intimate and personal, our displays provide the perfect foundation for any business’s booth requirements. With our 20 x 20 displays, it has never been easier to create an eye-catching exhibit booth that fits perfectly with your company's image.

Make your next event stand out from the crowd with a unique, 20 x 20 island booth display! Our experienced MODdisplay team is here to answer any questions you have about creating an eye-catching presentation that will wow your audience. Talk to our experts today to get started!

We love to meet our clients' exact needs, so please feel free to take a look at these pre-designed 20' x 20' custom exhibit kits, and envision combinations or customization you'd like to see. Call us at 877.663.3976 for a custom rendering and proposal. A staff pick for its versatility and range of configuration, our Waveline Media tension fabric display kits are popular due to the creative configurations that you will only find with MODdisplays. Most of the pre-configured kits include specialty monitor mounts that can attach 22" - 43" depending on the individual display. WLM displays feature multiple panels of lightweight yet durable frames and wrinkle-free graphics. The custom designed and printed dye-sublimated fabric graphic slides easily over the aluminum frame creating a taut visual. Flooring is an easy add-on to complete your package. Booth configurations can be customized based on your company's needs to design a display exactly right for you.
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