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Tips, tricks, and advice about trade show displays and the trade show exhibitor experience.
The Best Trade Show Display
The search for the best trade show display is a never-ending journey for many companies. For many, the process of trying to find the perfect display is elusive. Similar to searching for a perfect pair of shoes, each option has its pros and cons. Some are nearer to perfection than others, but none take the crown as the perfect trade show display. Much of this discussion is dependent on your particular company’s marketing needs and strategy behind a trade show display. While some businesses may need maximum visibilities, many others are viewing a perfect display through the lens of practical needs: portability, setup, weight, etc.
January 15, 2019
3 Portable Trade Show Displays To Make Your Show Easier
Portability is one of the most important aspects to weigh when researching a new trade show display. If you have a small team of one or two people, and need to be able to easily transport or ship your display affordably, you’ll want to make sure that the display you’re purchasing is easy to move. While many modular displays such as XVline or Exhibitline are also portable, there are three highly portable displays to focus on if portability is important in your search.
January 11, 2019
How to Create an Effective Display Design
With so many factors at play during a trade show, taking control of the parts you can impact is crucial. Few things are more important to the potential success of your trade show than getting the design on your booth display right. A trade show is essentially a competition over the attention of attendees. Some businesses invest heavily in having the biggest booth. That’s certainly one way to get attention. For those companies with a more modest budget, getting the design right can be both cost effective and more strategically impactful in reaching your target audience.
January 10, 2019
How to Get the Best Trade Show Booth Location
There’s a tendency to think that the booths closest to the front entrance to a show are the best locations. They are great spaces for visibility, and among the easiest to grab attention. Those spaces are also some of the only locations in the entire show floor that are guaranteed to be seen on the way in and on the way out. If you’re confident in the effectiveness of your trade show display and your booth staff to convert, then the spaces at the immediate front of the hall can be highly lucrative.
January 10, 2019
Trade Shows
A trade show is an event organized to bring together people from a specific industry over several days to network, demonstrate, discuss, test, learn, and sometimes buy the latest products, services, and best practices within their field. For example, one of the largest trade shows in the USA is CONEXPO-CON held every three years in Las Vegas. It gathers business owners, managers, and experts in the construction industry representing...
January 9, 2019
Examples of LED Backlit Trade Show Displays
More and more businesses are turning to LED backlit trade show displays as a way to stand out in a sea of booths. While the lighting is subtle, it certainly brings high impact in a crowded space. There are a variety of backlit displays on the market. The two most commonly available are lightboxes and tension fabric displays. While the general concept is the same, the two systems are vastly different. Both systems have a lighting system inside the frame and graphic.
November 27, 2018
5 Alternative Uses for Trade Show Displays
While most businesses purchase a display for the sole purpose of exhibiting at a trade show, there's no reason for it to live out the weeks and months between shows packed away in a corner or a closet. Many of the components used in most modern trade show displays can be repurposed for small events, around the office or in your company's lobby or atrium. Also, many of the products available from trade show display companies could be utilized in varied situations.
November 14, 2018
Shipping to United Kingdom Simplified
To provide better service to our clients ordering exhibition stands in the United Kingdom, we now offer a streamlined system for all shipments to our neighbors across the pond.
October 26, 2018
Alternatives to Banner Stand Walls
A retractable banner stand wall is a great beginner solution for a trade show display. The banner stands themselves have many positive attributes such as its lightweight, portable, and sets up quickly. There are some alternatives that may be more attractive to trade show exhibitors for a variety of reasons. For example, tension fabric displays such as a standard Waveline backwall are an excellent alternative to banner stand walls.
October 4, 2018
Get Inspired with Booth Display Ideas
Have you been tasked with creating a trade show display for your company, but you're lost at where to begin? If you've not been to a trade show previously, this can be a daunting task. But have no fear, the general idea can be simplified relatively easily. A general rule of thumb is to reduce the standard 10x10 backwall into one bold message, logo...
October 1, 2018