Are Banner Stands Only Ideal For Trade Shows and Exhibitions?

Are Banner Stands Only Ideal For Trade Shows and Exhibitions?

Different Use Cases of Banner Stands (Beyond Trade Shows and Exhibitions)

Banner stands make excellent trade show booth marketing collateral; these pop up displays offer the perfect opportunity to put your brand name out there, impress passers-by and win them over as new clients. What’s more, banner stands for exhibits are designed to be efficient and simple to navigate for easy setup and breakdown. This makes for a seamless, stress free experience while you’re working your magic at a trade show or other exhibition event.

But trade show display banner stands don’t have to be used solely while you’re on the road. There are plenty of ways to make the most of your retractable banner stands, even when the exhibition schedule is light. 

Here are a few places to consider putting your exhibition banner stands on display: 

1. In a Mall Lobby

Looking for a new way to bring in new clients? Put your exhibition displays up in your local mall lobby. Brick-and-mortar stores are seeing a recovery in foot traffic for the first time since the start of the pandemic, which can encourage a lot of traction if your brand new sits front and center in a major shopping center. Roll up banners can work well here since you may only have a small space to work with, but it can pack a major punch. 

Double-Sided Orient Banner Stand in mall aisle

2. In Your Office Waiting Room

Do you operate a business with a waiting room? Remind your current and potential customers how valuable your company can be to them by putting your trade show displays in your waiting room. Repetition can be a very useful way to stay at the top of the consumer’s mind, especially when they’re getting ready to engage with your brand - or are on the cusp of making the decision to move forward or step aside. Eye catching table top displays and exhibition banner stands can both come in handy here. 

3. At College Fairs 

If your organization falls in line with the education sector, your trade show banner stands can work seamlessly well at college fairs, too. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach a wider audience and amplify your lead generation. 

Waveline Banner Stands at a College Fair

4. Miscellaneous Promotional Events 

Exhibitions and trade shows may be the sole reason you want to invest in high quality banner stands, but these are not the only professional branding events that can be beneficial for your business. Pack up your retractable banner stands and take them on the road with you as you travel for any kind of promotional event. Something as simple as one banner stand can make a major difference in the way your brand is perceived when you put your name, personality and vision on display.  

Orient Banner Stand at School Software Promotional Event

5. In a Break Space 

Your banner stands may seem most useful at trade shows and similar events, but you don’t have to use them solely as a marketing tool. Put your trade show banner stands in your break room or lobby area in your own workspace as a reminder to your employees - and yourself - about what your brand stands for. This can be a simple reminder to the entire organization about your brand beliefs, loyalty and overall expectations. 

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February 20, 2024
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