backlit Trade Show displays

The future is bright. Backlit trade show booth displays allow you to add tone, mood, and atmosphere with LED lights to elevate your brand above the competition. Assure your message resonates with potential clients while knowing your booth is sharp and modern.
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Backlit Trade Show Booths

Elevate Your Brand with Backlit Exhibit Displays

MODdisplays can help you find the perfect type of backlit exhibit display for your next event. Browse our different styles of backlit display panels to find the right option to match your brand’s personality. 

These sleek and modern LED backlit displays add presence and impact to your booth and brand.

Wavelight Backlit Free Standing Panels

Using a pillow-case styled fabric graphic pulled over an aluminum frame, the assembly of the backlit Wavelight panels feel familiar to many exhibitors. Over 100 LED lights hang between the front illuminated graphic and the sewn in blocker panel in the back. 

These backlight exhibit panels come in following sizes:

  • 3 ft
  • 5 ft
  • 8 ft
  • 10 ft
  • 18.5 ft

Infinity Pro Backlit Freestanding Panels

With easy set-up and lighter-than-average shipping weight the affordable Infinity Backlit Pro displays provide a big effect for a modest investment. These freestanding backlit exhibit displays are designed to make your brand larger than life with edge-to-edge graphics that cover the entire frame. 

Our Infinity Pro freestanding backlit LED panels come in the following sizes:

  • 3 ft
  • 4.5 ft
  • 10 ft

Infinity Pro 10x20 Display Kits

This type of backlit LED panel display Infinity DNA Lightbox Displays uses low-profile hardware to make your illuminated graphics the focus of the backlit display. Bump two or more of these backlit panels together to create your large back wall. The material is vibrant, wrinkle-resistant ensuring your backlit exhibit display always looks great.

Wavelight Backlit 10x20 Display Kits

Add richness, mood, and atmosphere to your trade show booth with LED backlighting combined with easy-to-assemble tension fabric displays to create an interesting and portable back wall. This unique blend of displays also allows you the ability to add monitors and other displays.

Wavelight Backlit 10x10 Display Kits

The future of visual display marketing, backlit trade show displays allow creators to add tone and depth with light to elevate their message.

The Wavelight backlit display kits come in the following sizes:

  • 8 ft
  • 10 ft

Infitinity Pro Backlit 10x10 Displays Kits

The Infinity Pro Backlit Displays use low-profile hardware to make your graphics the focus from edge to edge. These portable 10 x 10 LED backlit display kits are a smart way to increase your brand's presence and boost your trade show ROI.

Our infinity Pro backlit LED panels come in the following sizes:

  • 3 ft
  • 4.5 ft
  • 10 ft
  • 20 ft