What's On The Wall?

Each image represents things about Harrisonburg or MODdisplays' history that we love!

Metal Tube Frame

A nod to the framing used in trade show displays at MODdisplays as well as paying respect to Downtown Harrisonburg’s manufacturing roots. 


Harrisonburg is a huge supplier of poultry around the world.


More than once bats have found their way into the MOD building causing quite the excitement.  They were removed without harm. 

Child Reading

We love our Massanutten Regional Library and the events they host for our community. 


James Madison University’s mascot is the bulldog.


Harrisonburg has numerous large sunflower fields that provide a cheery backdrop in the summer months. Sunflowers are also known as a symbol of hope for those that struggle with depression and mental health worldwide. 


Harrisonburg is known as the “friendly city” and we love our diversity.


On October 18th, 2017 a deer was wandering around court square in the middle of the day when it started to run east on Market Street. We can only assume it saw its own reflection in the angled corner window of the MOD building and decided to lunge for the “other deer” causing it to crash through the window and slide halfway across the downstairs of MOD.  Fortunately it got up, shook the glass off and went straight back out.


Eastern Mennonite University’s mascot is the blue lion.

Duck With Three Ducklings

A longtime resident of Downtown Harrisonburg.  Ducks can often be seen walking across streets in town being followed by a line of ducklings. 

Dogwood Tree

Virginia state tree and flower. 

Coffee Cup

Appreciation for Harrisonburg’s extensive culinary and coffee culture.


One of MOD’s favorite employee events is our annual Pumpkin Derby. 

Yoga Pose

We’ve got numerous local fitness and yoga studios and enjoy the popup yoga classes in local breweries and vineyards. 

Child Swinging

Our city has wonderful parks for kids and adults alike, including Westover Park, Rockingham Park & Dream Come True Playground, just to name a few.


Harrisonburg and the surrounding areas have great places to swim and play in the water, from mountain streams to Westover pool.

This mural on the west side of the MOD building was commissioned in the spring of 2023 with the generous support of a Public Art Forward grant from the Arts Council Of The Valley

To learn more about the Arts Council of the Valley, whose generous support made this mural possible, please visit valleyarts.org.

The local artist, Laura Thompson, worked to create a design that showcased her talent and style, while incorporating images that are significant to MODdisplays and Harrisonburg, the city we are so thankful to be a part of since MODdisplays was founding in 2008.

To learn more about the very talented Laura Thompson and see more of her artwork, visit her website at realcreative.studio

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