EasiWash 10x10 Waveline Media 10.11 (with monitor)

EasiWash needed an exhibit that could hold a monitor and showcase some of their products while also fitting in a 10x10 trade show booth.

The solution for EasiWash was the Waveline Media 10.11 kit that includes a "floating monitor" and a Waveline Waterfall merchandise display. This kit is a great value because it really is an all-in-one option.

Your back wall is a large tension fabric graphic which allows you to use a single image across the entire display. EasiWash used a background image that quickly gives attendees a visual of what the brand does. This is a smart move because it helps to share the brand message, in general terms, in a matter of seconds. This graphic also compliments the back wall image with four words, "We Make Cleaning Easi". In a matter of two seconds, you have read exactly what the company does and have seen an image to back it up. Directly below the other text is the company logo that guests can associate  with easy cleaning. So far, this graphic has quickly summarized what this company does and qualified guests who continue to be interested.

Now that the display has attracted interested show attendees, EasiWash has a monitor on the back wall, that isn't taking up floor space, to provide more in-depth information. Aside from the monitor, they also have a branded Waveline Waterfall graphic with a simple illustration of how their product and service works. Below this illustration are the actual items and tools which again, are taking up very little floor space. Since EasiWash was able to include a monitor and actual artifacts in the booth without using much floor space, they were able to dedicate that area to several larger product displays.

This booth ended up being effective, affordable, and practical. The graphics looked great under the LED lights to the point the display almost looked a little backlit. EasiWash was able to maximize their booth space and include displays that will help explain and ultimately sell their offering. This team was excellent to work with and we hope they enjoy their exhibit for a long time.

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