Explore More Children's Museum Floor and Wall Decals

Our friends at Explore More Children's Museum in Virginia came to us looking for floor and wall decals. They wanted to place these decals around the museum to remind people to social distance, wash their hands, and even watch their step. These decals are great because they last a long time if left in place but they can also be removed when needed. We actually have a lot companies that use these decals on Soft Wood Flooring of their trade show booths.

For this specific project, we were able to use some of our standard 12"x12" and 18"x18" decals but we also had several custom sizes and shapes printed. One design we really liked was a 6ft long measuring decal that was placed next to nine of our standard 12"x12" decals that were arranged to look like a hopscotch game. The measuring decal gave an easy visually guide while the nine squares next to it had a message asking people to keep a safe distance.

The Explore More Museum is a wonderful resource for children and we were happy to help make it a little safer. Moving forward, these decals could also be replaced with new decals reminding visitors of upcoming events, classes, digital learning tools and more to help their children and the museum.

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