FSOil 10x10 XVline 10.04 Backlit Booth

We love the way this Backlit XVline 10.04 Kit came together. 

Backlit exhibits have soared in popularity the past couple of years and we are starting to see that trend carry over to our custom modular displays.  

FSOil's custom modular booth is a perfect example of how a backlit graphic can add a modern twist on a standard display style. 

Having a backlit display will naturally grab attention but being able to quickly turn that attention into interest is key. One reason this display looks great is that the booth design is simple, to the point, and uses several contrasting colors very well. 

The faint green background makes sense with the agricultural aesthetic but is still light enough to allow the darker colors to really stand out when the LED lights come on. This graphic does a great job of quickly identifying the brand, giving a brief brand summary, and providing added information that could be important to their potential customers. 

This is a smart minimal design that uses contrast and lighting to its advantage. All of the text, which can be read in five seconds, uses an easy-to-read black font. This black font jumps off the backlit graphic and makes it easy to learn about the brand while still standing in the show aisle. The logo and colors make sense for the company and stand out against the light background color. Finally, the certifications at the bottom work great with this design because they add color to the graphic but they also add immediate authority to the brand. 

The frosted branded header hanging off the front of the back wall is a great way to ensure that no matter how many people are in the booth, your brand name and logo are always visible to passing traffic. 

The XVLine 10.04 utilizes several added pieces of hardware to help round out the booth space. The first add-on is a branded counter that most companies place in the front of the booth and use as a reception area or to hold giveaway items. This branded counter also works well to help quickly identify the brand. This layout also adds two separate counters on the back wall along with a single monitor mount so brands can easily access their digital content. 

We really enjoyed working with the FSOil team on this booth and we are confident this display will help increase their show marketing return on investment (ROI) for years to come. 

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