Garden State Bulb Custom 10x20 XVline 20.08 with Large Monitor Stand

This booth for our friends at Garden State Bulb turned out great. It all started using our XVline 10x20 Display Kit then we worked with GSB to make some alterations.

One change we made was to remove the large monitor from the left back wall panel and leave that as a large dye sublimated, tension fabric graphic. We also added a square header panel that that fits on top of the display in the very center. The GSB header says "Experts in the Art of Gardening" which is a perfect branding tool. Their text is easy to see, quickly gives the show guests a clue as to what they do while building a little interest and curiosity. Unfortunately, not all shows will allow the added height so this header was designed to be used at events that do allow the extra height or removed for events that don't.

GSB kept the shelving panels on either side of the booth. This allows them to showcase and even sell their products right from the booth if they would like. Also, just having your product in the booth sometimes helps to pull additional traffic into your space.

Another add-on that GSB used was the Large Monitor Stand. By adding this standalone display, they are able to use the back wall panel for a large image that is important to their branding, retain the two large monitors with their display, and place the second monitor anywhere they want within their 10x20 trade show booth.

The custom GSB 10x20 booth also includes a branded table and a branded counter with additional shelving space. This table is a perfect place to sit down and talk with guests about your products or even host a video session from their booth. The counter is a great branding tool that can be placed anywhere in your exhibit. These counter displays are also ideal for laying out any giveaways your company may offer.

What most people don't think about is that this booth can break down into several smaller 10ft displays that can be used as small events. The added monitor stand, counter, and table can also be used as standalone displays at company events, networking events, or local shows.

We had a great time working with GSB and figuring out how to layout this booth so it would achieve the look they wanted and maximize their investment.

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