Givft Back 10x10 Curved Waveline with Standroid Kit

This 10x10 trade show booth was a lot of fun to create and our client had a lot of fun using it at their events. When ask about her display, Amanda Cazares, the Client Experience Guru and GivftBack said "Ours turned out awesome!".

The exhibit this client used was the Waveline Curved 10x10 Trade Show Display Kit with Standroid. This is one of our most popular Waveline kits because it combines the versatile 10x10 Curved Waveline Display with a free standing branded monitor stand. Additionally, the Standroid Monitor Stand has an optional header graphic that is perfect for getting your brand name and message above the booths around you.

We like this booth because its has a unique look and personality. The brand name, logo, and slogan are printed on all of the displays from the header to the back wall and counters. This design makes it very clear who this company is and what they do. The choice to use the large cardboard box design ties back into what the brand does and the initial experience your client has when they receive their surprise gift. The calendar graphic with a parachuting gift is a quick visual cue meant to peak interest and quickly allude to to GivftBack's automated program.

On top of all the design elements, this booth also uses a monitor to show off the brands website, process, and digital content. The Standroid monitor stand will hold a large 52" TV and is a great tool to educate your guests and potential customers.

Often overlooked, this booth uses a soft wood foam flooring. Soft Foam Flooring is a great way to define your space and also make it more comfortable for your guests and staff to walk on all day.

We've worked with GivftBack several times and have always enjoyed talking with their team. As you can tell by the their trade show photo, they like to have a good time. At the end of the day, this booth does a good job at grabbing attention, quickly identifying the brand and what they do, and then provides further information about the company through their digital content and literature. These are all key in creating a successful trade show booth and maximizing your investment.

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