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KoKopelli and Pelsue 10x20 Waveline Media Kit 20.04

Back Wall Exhibit

The Kokopelli Agency nailed this smart design for their client, Pelsue!

This 10x20 exhibit uses seven total Waveline Media Panels to build a back wall with text, depth, full scale visuals, storage, and a monitor.

Kokopelli’s graphic design makes smart use of large visuals to quickly reinforce the brand messaging. Bold, easy to read, text on the center buildout clearly and succinctly states what Pelsue does. White lettering on the black Waterfall displays at either side of the exhibit lets guests know the company is both established and innovative 

The center booth panel is a nearly 3.5ft wide by 7.5ft tall logo with a built-in monitor. This large logo is a great way to tie the brand to the message. The monitor itself is one of the best informational tools your booth can have once a guest is curious about your brand. 

Our favorite part of the back wall design is that show guests know who the company is and what they do in a matter of seconds. 

Additionally, because this display uses numerous panels, it can be set up in all kinds of layouts to fit different booth sizes and events. 

Counter and Side Wall Displays

This display makes use of double-sided side walls which is another smart design idea. 

These panels don’t take away from the back wall design but enhance the booth by making the brand message visible from either side. 

Using a branded center counter is an elegant way to hold literature or give away items without needing to rent an additional table. 


This display turned out great and will be enjoyed by Pelsue for many events. Even though the booth is big and impactful, it’s still portable and easy to assemble, saving a lot of money in shipping and show labor. 

If you have any questions about 10ft Waveline Media Kits, 20ft Waveline Media Kits, or displays in general, feel free to reach out to us.

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