Momentum Inc, 10x10 Waveline Media 10.10 Kit with Backlit Air Counter

Momentum Inc, is a strategic design-build partner for retail banking, workplace, and higher education. When they order a 10x10 trade show display, their booth has to look professional with smart design and innovative components. Their Waveline Media 10.10 booth with an added Wavelight Inflatable Backlit Air Counter accomplished these goals and more.

This 10ft back wall display is a clever use of space and design. The single 10x10 Waveline Media Panel uses the graphic design itself to divide the display into two sections.

One section uses an elegant grey design and leaves a lot of white space to emphasize their text. This area starts with the company name, logo, and tagline. This is  the first thing many guests will see on this display. Directly below is a monitor with a video loop to help reinforces the brand messaging below with numerous selected visuals. Under the monitor is the simple text "Plan", "Build", "Design" which quickly explains what services Momentum offers their clients. In a matter of seconds, this side of the panel has identified the brand, provided interesting visuals, and explained what the company does.

The second section of this 10ft display shows a large, high resolution, image of a modern commercial space. Again, this image reinforces the succinct text on the other graphic area. On the top of this large image, we find the text "Better relationships. Better buildings" which quickly explains Momentum's approach to working with clients.

This Waveline Media Kit comes with a CA700 hard shipping case that turns into a branded counter. While this display counter wasn't used in the show photo, they do have the option to use this in many different spaces.

In addition to the branded CA700, Momentum ordered a Wavelight Inflatable Backlit Air Counter. This backlit display was the perfect addition to their 10x10 booth space. The design was simple and impossible to miss at their event. This backlit counter was key in grabbing attention and attracting guests to interact with the brand. The glowing elegant orange and white design really set the tone for the booth and reinforced the modern and chic feel of the display.

After working with the Momentum team on this project, it's clear to use that they all about building great relationships and working together. It was an absolute pleasure and we are happy to see them enjoying their 10x10 trade show display.

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