Niche Academy 10x10 Double-Sided XVline 10.01 Kit with Backlit Inflateble Counter

Talk about versatility, this Niche Academy double-sided 10x10 XVline 10.01 kit is impressive. Not only does this back wall offer you the possibly of two different 10x10 display graphics, it also works in a 20x20 booth very nicely. As you can see in the photos from their event, Niche Academy used one side of this double-sided display as back wall for their presentations and the other side as a back wall for their booth reception area. Both sides of this display hold a monitor and use a custom printed header. The reception side of the booth is capped off with a modular branded counter.

The Wavelight Air Backlit Inflatable Counters are a smart addition to this display because they add an eye-catching element in the open corners of the 20x20 booth layout. These counters can also be used in a 10x10 or 10x20 booth or at company meetings and events. We are always a fan of adding flooring and the blue carpet here helps to define the booth space and add a finished look to the display. The flooring is sold in 10x10 sections made up of 2'x2' tiles that can be broken down and used in smaller spaces. Everything about this display can be scaled to fit in numerous settings which provides great value and return on investment.

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