Simple Syllabus Waveline Media 10x20 Display Kit 20.06 with Large Monitor Stand

The goal of this booth was to maximize the client's investment and create a professional space. By using a large 10x20 Waveline back wall, the graphic was able to tell a visual story without overwhelming booth guests with large blocks of text. In fact, this entire 20ft back wall only has eight total words printed on it. Two of those words are the company name that is quickly identified next to the logo in the upper left area of the display. Another three words are found in the easy to spot website address. The final three words are three key features their product offers that their booth guests care about.

The design behind these words is also critical in drawing and directing attention. Behind the logo is a blank white space to not compete or interfere in anyway with their branding. Behind their product features is a gradient image of a classroom with college age students. This image visually reinforces what their guests expect to see and size of the image itself helps to grab their attention. The web address is below one of the features with a near opaque background to not take away from the text.

Another smart design feature of this booth are the two Waveline Waterfall displays on either side of the back wall. The displays offer depth to the back wall and an additional design opportunity. In this case, the words "Syllabus Management" run down the Waterfall displays. In two words, the company has summarized what they do and how they can help. The letters are printed in white on a solid maroon display. Orange, maroon, and white are the company colors that are seen consistently throughout the booth on all the displays.

This booth utilizes the CA700 case to counter display for additional aisle branding and counter space. Also in this 10x20 booth is a large branded monitor mount. Being a software company, having a large monitor to demonstrate your product is essential. You need a stable stand you can trust but also something that goes up quickly is a nice benefit.

You may not realize this but the entire back wall kit fits into two CA700 hard shipping cases that also double at the counter display(s). The monitor stand and graphics fit into a separate shipper. All of the back wall and Waterfall graphics are tension fabric and can be updated whenever needed. The Waveline displays also use a lightweight and durable snap-in-place aluminum tubing frame.

This booth was well thought-out with the wants and needs of the client in mind. The entire booth was very clean, precise, and professional. We were very proud of the finished product and happy to hear that the booth actually won an award at the event for the being the best 10x20 display. Below is a quick comment from the VP of Sales and Marketing with Simple Syllabus.

"Working with the team at Mod Displays was fantastic! As a small business resources can be limited around marketing, the team at MOD Displays was able to augment our internal capabilities and take our vision for our trade show experience and make it a reality by handling the graphic design and printing end to end at a reasonable price." Wes Miller, Vice President - Sales & Marketing with Simple Syllabus

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