Tillster 20x20 Waveline Media Display Kit

This 20x20 trade show booth is actually a custom layout that was designed to increase interaction. Instead of the standard back wall design, this booth uses three-sided stations placed in a diamond around the 20x20 booth space. The open layout of this booth allows for easy movement, simple interactions, and encourages individual conversations. The center of the booth also has a table and chairs so small teams of people can sit down and discuss their needs with the booth staff without blocking any of the displays from new guests.

Each of the triangular stations are built using Waveline Media panels and are equipped with its own monitor mount and three printed graphics. Two of the panels are using a vertical monitor mount to help give the appearance of a phone for this app based product. Just for reference, each of these stations can be assembled in under 15 minutes. In addition, each of stations can be designed for use as individual display stations or even individual panels at other events. This specific booth is using the soft wood foam flooring (light oak) which just like the Waveline Media panels, can be broken down into smaller sections as needed.

To really increase the visibly of this 20x20 booth, we used a square 15'w x 4'h double-sided hanging sign. This hanging sign makes it very easy to immediately locate the booth that event. Many companies don't think of making their hanging sign double-sided but it's a great way to market key products or services while also adding a finished look to the entire booth.

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