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High-quality tension fabric 10x10 trade show display that sets up in minutes. This virtually wrinkle-free graphic is printed using dye sublimation to ensure long lasting quality. The entire 10x10 trade show booth kit comes with a hard shipping case that converts to a counter with a printed graphic wrap.


not required if you already have artwork designed to our templates
Product Details

Who Is This Display For

The 10ft Flat Waveline Display Kit has been a standard 10x10 trade show booth in the industry for years. This classic tension fabric design is perfect for the small business owner who wants a professional kit that one person can assemble at a practical cost. It’s also an ideal 10x10 booth kit for franchises and larger companies to use regularly throughout the year.

Key Benefits Of This Display

Easy To Assemble

One main reason the Flat 10x10 Waveline Display Kit has been so popular is because it’s simple to set up. We recommend allotting 15-30 minutes to assemble the entire kit once you have walked through it the first time. If possible, it is a good idea to assemble the kit before going to your show. Familiarity with the booth will help ensure everything sets up quickly at your event.

The aluminum tube framing clicks together and is marked in a way that it’s easy to find the correct connecting pieces. A large polyester stretch fabric graphic slides over the assembled frame and zips closed to create a wrinkle free back wall. Once the graphic is on the frame, you simply connect the feet and stand display upright.

To convert the CA600 to a tension fabric counter, simply connect the provided counter hardware to the case shell. Once the frame is built, just pull the full color graphic over the frame and place the included finished countertop piece on the top side of the display.



It's hard to believe the entire 10x10 Flat Waveline Display fits in one shipping case and weighs under 50 lbs, but it does. A key benefit of the 10ft Flat display kit is that it’s affordable to ship and it travels well. The CA600 shipping case is a durable plastic case with wheels but it's designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible. The slim and professional look of the trade show booth combined with its portability is one key reason companies of all sizes own these displays.  

What Comes In The Display Kit

Back Wall

This kit comes with the classic 10ft Flat Waveline display. The back wall is made from marked aluminum tubes that snap in place to create the frame. The graphic itself is made from a polyester tension fabric material with a dye sublimated print to ensure visual quality and durability. This back wall has a slim profile which allows you to maximize your booth space without losing any visual impact.. 

Hard Shipping Case-to-Counter

The CA600 hard shipping case with wheels is a durable plastic shipping case that converts to a branded tension fabric counter. This case was chosen for this display first and foremost for its ability to withstand the punishment of being shipped on a regular basis. 

Recommended Add-Ons


Flooring like Soft Wood Foam or Premium Soft Carpet always add a polished look to your trade show exhibit and add comfort for your staff and guests.

Options and Upgrades


  • 116"w x 89"h x 18.5"d
  • Graphic Print: Recyclable polyester stretch fabric, vibrant, wrinkle-resistant
  • Lightweight aluminum poles which snap together
  • Weight: 24 lbs 

Shipping Case-to-Counter

  • Set up as a counter:  39.76"w x 39.76"h x 18.9"d   
  • Packed: 16"w x 20"h x 41"d
  • Weight: 25 lbs 

Set-up Time
15-30 minutes
Ships in 5 business days
  • 13.8"w x 32.1"h x 12.4"d
  • 47 lbs
  • Ships from Florida