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Event Budget & Trade Show Cost Calculator

Trying to calculate your trade show budget can be overwhelming. Whether you’re building a budget from scratch or trying to allocate funds from a predetermined budget, we can help. 

Our calculators are designed to give you a dollar amount breakdown for your event budget. The percentages you see in our calculators come from event survey data provided by industry leading, Exhibitor Magazine.

This calculator helps you determine a total budget by using your booth size and rental fee. Just enter your booth's square footage and the cost per square foot. With this information, we can provide you a total budget and subsequent dollar breakdown.
This second calculator assumes you have a set budget and are looking for the best way to allocate the funds.

Please remember that these calculators are meant to be used as a starting tool to help you more efficiently budget your trade show and event dollars. Some of these percentages will vary for your budget based on variables like event location, show services needed, design alterations, and more. 

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