BOLT ON TECHNOLOGY 20x20 Waveline Media Display Kit

BOLT ON invests a lot of time, money, and energy into trade shows. Due to the rapid growth of the business, they really needed to make an impact and have successful events. To top it off, they were in the middle of a rebrand and wanted a high-end booth that was still easy to assemble and could survive dozens of trade shows each year. According to the client they “looked at numerous vendors but were unable to find anyone that could accommodate those needs while still being affordable and delivered on time – that is until we found MODisplays.”

Our Sales Manager Kelly and graphic designer Vika, worked with BOLT ON to create a dynamic display that could be used in 10x10, 10x20, or larger booth floor plans. By using the Waveline Media Panels, BOLT ON has the option to use their displays individually or to combine panels to create large scale layouts at an affordable cost. Waveline Media Panels are lightweight fabric graphic displays that fit over aluminum pole framing. Due to their lightweight construction they are easy to assemble, customize, and they typically print within five business days. 

According to Bolt On’s Marketing Director, Tim Cifelli, “the end results was a new trade show booth that met all of our tactical needs and was a hit with both our corporate leadership team as well as the trade show attendees (and even a few rival competitors). BOLT ON and MODisplays continues to work together whenever we need a replacement part or new designs and each time we  receive the same high level of customer service and consultative support. We would gladly recommend MODisplays for any organization looking to create an impactful presence delivered by a collaborative design and production partner.”

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