Easterly & Associates 20x20 Custom XVLine Trade Show Booth with Additional Displays

This 20x20 custom modular display actually fit in a 20x30 space with other stands. The booth needed a semi-private space and big visual impact for a very important event. The client also wanted  separate branded monitor stands and counter space for their staff to use outside of the main trade show display. We were fortunate to work together with our friends at Easterly & Associates to create a custom booth that met their functional needs and looked great.

We started by using our standard Custom Modular Island 2020.05 kit to build the main structure. By pushing the two separate walls together, we could build a double-sided, two story, 360 degree, full print display. In addition, pushing the display walls together created a semi-private space in the center of the 20x20 tower. To add more branding power, we included a 15' x 42" stretch fabric Blimp Tube Hanging Sign so you could find this booth from anywhere on the show floor.

Outside of the display are several counter, kiosk, and monitor stands. These displays are custom printed and can be set anywhere around the center tower, depending on how the event staff wants to layout the booth.

This 20x20 custom display was big hit at the event with their team and show guests. Since the initial launch of this booth, we have actually updated the graphics for a new show.

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