12 Things To Know Before Ordering Your Trade Show Display

12 Things To Know Before Ordering Your Trade Show Display

Ordering a trade show display for the first time can be a little intimidating. 

Mostly because, like any industry, it has some technical terms that confuse things along the way.

At MOD, we get it, and hope to help clear up some of the confusion. We have compiled a list of terms and phrases along with definitions and general knowledge to help proactively alleviate some of these issues.

  • 10x10 refers to your booth size not your display size: The 10x10 (10x20, 20x20, etc.) measurement usually refers to the size of the booth the display is designed to fit in, not the actual size of the display.
  • Why most displays under 8' tall: Most shows you attend in a 10x10 booth have an 8ft height limit for your back wall. Often times, 10x20 booths and larger will have relaxed height restrictions. 
  • Why most 10' displays are not fully 10ft wide: Most 10' trade show displays are not quite 10ft wide because we allow room for the pole and drape separating your booth from your neighbors.
  • Difference in CMYK vs Pantone Colors: The simple answer is color accuracy. Both formats are trying to hit a color range. If you just want dark blue, CMYK is fine. If you want a specific dark blue, Pantone is the way to go. CMYK has a much broader acceptable range than a specific Pantone color. If you need your art to reflect a specific color, be sure to know which Pantone color(s) you need. (Here is a more detailed video by Attention Getters Design)
Color chart - Difference in CMYK vs Pantone Colors
color chart
  • VESA mount pattern: VESA mount pattern refers to the size of monitor mounts that are compatible with the back of your monitor. Due to the portable and lightweight nature of trade show displays, many monitor mounts used in the display only work with specific VESA patterns. Be sure to ask your trade show booth vendor what is the maximum monitor size and weight and what VESA mount patterns the display mount accepts.
  • Print-Ready Art: Print-ready art refers to art that meets the minimum art resolution requirements, and is already set to the art templates provided by your vendor.  
  • Split Ship: When one item is shipped from one facility and another item used in the same display is shipped from a separate facility. Often times this is done to save time in transit. Instead of shipping one item to another warehouse and then to you, the trade show vendor will have both items ship directly from the separate initial warehouses.
  • Extrusion: In regards to trade show displays, extrusions are usually squared hollow aluminum “poles”. These “poles” come in different shapes and sizes and are used to build the frame in several styles of trade show displays. (For an example, see our XVline displays)
  • Tension Fabric: Tension fabric graphics are often described as pillowcase-style graphics. These fabric graphic sheets slide over a frame or counter like a pillowcase over a pillow. Once they are on the frame, they zip closed at one end so that the graphic is tight and wrinkle free. (For an example, see our Waveline displays)
Waveline Display - Tension Fabric Free-standing Panel
Waveline Display - Tension Fabric Free-standing Panel
  • Rollup vs Retractable vs Bannerstand vs Popup: In our experience, these terms are often used to describe the same display type. In most cases, these terms are used to describe a freestanding display where the graphic pulls up from the display base and is held up with an attached pole. At MODdisplays, we call this a Retractable Banner Stand. (See Retractable Banner Stands)
  • Economy vs Full Table Covers: Full style table covers are like the standard table covers you have at home, all four sides hang roughly 30” down from top of the table. The Economy style is different in that the back side of the table cover only hangs about 6”- 8” from the top of the table. The reason for this is to allow the booth staff to easily access products, literature, etc. stored under the table.
  • Flooring is (usually) not included: In most situations, when you see flooring in a display picture on a trade show booth vendors website, it is not included in the price. This flooring is shown to define the booth space and give you a visual key on how much space the display itself will use. (In most cases, flooring is available as an add on purchase)

We know this list is just scratching the surface so please feel free to reach out to us through social media or email us at care@moddisplays.com with any questions you have. 

March 5, 2018
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