3 Main Styles Of Custom Printed Table Covers

3 Main Styles Of Custom Printed Table Covers

3 Main Styles Of Custom Printed Table Covers

Custom printed table throws are a must have for any size business because they can be used in so many different situations. It’s common to see custom table throws at trade shows, charity events, networking events, job fairs, company get-togethers, new hire training and more. 

Ordering these displays can be fairly straightforward but there are a couple terms and styles you should know about to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. 

Top 3 Styles of Custom Printed Table Covers (typically ordered in 4f, 6ft or 8ft sizes)

1. Full Table Cover

2. Economy Table Cover

3. Tension Table Cover

1. Full Table Cover For Trade Show Displays

The full table cover is the basic table throw style that goes over the top of the table and hangs evenly, usually at or near the ground, on all four sides. 

Full Table Cover Rendering
Full Table Cover Example

These table throws come in either pre-printed base colors or custom printed options. If you are doing a custom print, you can typically choose almost any color you like and apply custom designs to the top and all four sides.  

Full Table Cover graphic template
Full Table Cover graphic template

2. Economy Table Cover For Trade Show Displays

Economy table covers are more common than most people realize and may actually be the most popular custom printed table throw ordered. 

Economy Table Cover Rendering
Economy Table Cover Example

Economy covers are identical to full throws except for in the back. Where a full table throw hangs evenly and allows for design on all four sides , economy table throws hang evenly on three sides and only about 8”-12” off the top of the table on the backside. 

The reason for the trimmed back section on an economy table cover  is so that you can access items that are being stored under the table quickly. In most booth layouts, guests will never see the back of your table throw so having it open can be a nice benefit. 

Economy Table Cover graphic template
Economy Table Cover graphic template

Sometimes it can be hard to visualize what the back of an economy table cover will look like so we included a photo to help. 

Back image of a economy style table cover
Back of a economy style table cover

3. Tension Table Cover For Trade Show Displays

Tension table covers or stretch table covers, as they are often referred to, are similar to full table covers but instead of hanging loose on the sides, they are fitted to the table. 

Tension Table Cover Rendering
Tension Table Cover Example

Stretch table covers are designed to slide over the table like a pillowcase and zip closed in the back. 

Back of a Tension Table Cover
Back of a Tension Table Cover

The fabric is equal length all the way around the table and can support designs on all four sides and the top. 

Tension Table Cover graphic template

Quick Bonus Tip: Table Runners

If your company already has plain table covers they want to use for their 6ft and 8ft tables, consider purchasing a table runner to add your current branding message or logo. 

Table runners are printed fabric graphics that hang over the front, top, and back of a table. you place them over your current table cover to add your branding message. Generally table runners come in roughly  24”, 30”, and 60” sizes and cost under $150.00. Runners also come in full and economy styles to match the style of your underlying table cover. 

30" Table Runner Rendering
30" Table Runner Example

Quick Summary

Table covers for trade show displays are an affordable and versatile graphic. If you want to add a logo to your current table cover, consider a table runner as an efficient option. If you have any questions or concerns about your table covers or any of your displays, feel free to call us at 877.663.3976 or email us at info@moddisplay.com.

June 18, 2021
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