3 Reasons to Use a Hanging Sign

3 Reasons to Use a Hanging Sign

Exhibiting at a trade show can sometimes feel like being a small fish in a large ocean. How will people find you in the sea of other booths, and what if they simply go down a different aisle and miss you completely? Never leave things to chance. Hanging signs are a great solution to put that worry to rest.

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1) Owning Your Show Real Estate

Put down your mark and own your space in the show floor with a hanging sign. A hanging sign in many cases provides visibility from every corner of the show floor. It provides brand recognition not only in your immediate space but in the surrounding aisles and throughout the room. The added benefit is you will be among the few who take advantage of this marketing tactic so while the show floor may be cluttered with signage, the vertical space will be less cluttered and available for messaging.

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2) Lower Costs than Other Options

While towers can provide a level of sophistication and visual appeal, hanging signs are half the price in many instances, and can be packed down into much smaller cases which reduce shipping and drayage costs. Hanging signs will also allow your team to be more creative with your floor space whereas a tower can take up valuable floor space. You will save money through the use of a hanging sign, which you could use to extend your marketing budget or perhaps renew your graphics more often. Reducing your costs can allow you to expand efforts in new ways.

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3) Simple Messaging Platform

Hanging signs are a great opportunity for expressing a playful or creative message. Remember to be concise. Similar to the marketing tactics of a billboard, hanging signs should be short on text: 7 words or less is the rule of thumb. In many instances, you'll simply want to include your logo but if you have a tagline, slogan, or marketing campaign that is quickly recognized, use it. Depending on whether you choose a square hanging sign or a round/oval hanging sign, you may have additional sides for your design. Use them strategically. The investment is still important for driving traffic to your booth, not testing new messages.

Remember, each trade show has different rules about hanging signs, and when they can be used in your trade show booth. Make sure you consult with the rules of your upcoming events prior to ordering.

July 12, 2018
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