4 Reasons to Invest in Trade Show Display Cases

4 Reasons to Invest in Trade Show Display Cases

4 Reasons You Need to Invest in Trade Show Display Cases for Your Booth

Investing in trade show cases is a smart decision that will not only protect your investment but will help take your booth presence to the next level. With their protection of valuable display materials, easy transportation capabilities, and organized setup, these cases are essential for a successful showing at any event.

Discover how you can maximize the impact of your booth while providing long-term cost savings with these four compelling reasons why you should invest in trade show display cases.

1. Solid Protection

Cases are an essential tool for protecting your booth materials from potential damage during transport and storage. Constructed with high-quality plastics, trade show shipping cases feature reinforced corners and secure latches to provide superior protection against scratches, dents, or breakage. With trade show cases, you can be confident that your displays will remain in great condition during transit. 

Flat Shipping Case
Flat Shipping Case

Portable display cases for trade shows also ensure the longevity and pristine condition of your booth supplies. This helps to maintain the professionalism of your booth while providing peace of mind that costly repairs or replacements are not necessary since your belongings will be well protected. Investing in quality protective cases is an excellent way to make sure attendees get a positive impression of your brand at each event you attend.

2. Safeguard Backlit Displays

Backlit displays are becoming more and more popular for obvious reasons. Having a trade show travel case for backlit displays is highly beneficial, particularly for protecting delicate electronics and wiring. These cases offer enhanced protection during transportation and storage, ensuring the longevity and functionality of your backlit displays. 

CA700 Hard Shipping Case
CA700 Hard Shipping Case

One notable example is the 10ft Infinity displays, which come standard with a hard shipping case designed to safeguard them. These cases include foam lining that helps prevent any movement within the case and provides added protection from outside impacts during transport.

3. Versatility

Trade show cases offer more than just protection. They can also increase the functionality and visual appeal of your booth. Many of our displays come with a dual-purpose case like a CA600 or CA700 case that also serves as a branded counter within your booth. This versatile feature brings several advantages.

CA700 shipping case as a counter
CA700 shipping case as a counter

The Ability to Hold Giveaway Items

The counter provides convenient and accessible display space for promotional materials, brochures, or small items that you want to distribute to booth visitors. By keeping these items within reach, you can easily engage with attendees. This will help strengthen your brand's visibility and leave a lasting impression.

Extra Brand Awareness

Using a trade show case as a branded counter adds an extra branding opportunity to your booth. The case can be customized with your company's logo, colors, and graphics, effectively reinforcing your brand identity. This strategic branding is a fantastic way to engage event guests as they walk the show aisles. 

Save Space

In a limited 10x10 booth space, it can be challenging to find a place to hide a traditional hard shipping case. By incorporating a case that doubles as a counter, you eliminate unnecessary clutter. This helps create an open atmosphere that’s more inviting to visitors.

Overall, these versatile trade show cases will protect your display and boost your branding. 

4. Easy Organization

Display cases can help make exhibiting easier and more organized. Not only do they provide a consistent way to store materials during shipping, but also offer an efficient solution for keeping everything together in one place.

This organization eliminates common issues such as losing parts or struggling to assemble pieces due to different containers being used. Having a dependable case helps keep all components safe from breakage, moisture, or other mishaps that could occur in transit.

Utilizing a consistent, standardized approach to packaging and storage can keep your trade show experience running smoothly. This will help maintain the integrity of your display while streamlining inventory management for greater efficiency.

The Value of Trade Show Cases

Trade show cases are a smart and affordable way to elevate your exhibition strategy. They provide superior protection and versatility, as well as organization for storage and all of your booth materials. Plus, with a rolling trade show travel case feature you can conveniently transport them wherever needed. These cases are an integral part of any successful display setup, and are sure to boost success at every event!

Get ready to stand out at your next trade show with a stylish and eye-catching display case! Place your order today for the perfect addition to any booth.

June 14, 2023
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