5 Alternative Uses for Trade Show Displays

5 Alternative Uses for Trade Show Displays

While most businesses purchase a display for the sole purpose of exhibiting at a trade show, there's no reason for it to live out the weeks and months between shows packed away in a corner or a closet. Many of the components used in most modern trade show displays can be repurposed for small events, around the office or in your company's lobby or atrium. Also, many of the products available from trade show display companies could be utilized in varied situations.

There's no better example of a versatile display unit than tension fabric displays. The sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame makes it easy to setup and move around. Certain configurations of stretch fabric displays are constructed by connecting multiple panels. The individual panels can be separated and setup in various locations. With the range of tension fabric displays expanding to include backlit options, product shelving, and media mounts.

  1. Office Panels: Freestanding Waveline panels can be repurposed as cubicle separators. Panel heights range from 6' to 8' tall making them a substantial visual barrier.
  2. Onsite / Offsite Event Signage: Use your standard or backlit tension fabric display panels or banner stands at entryways into your own special events such as open houses, First Fridays, customer appreciation days, etc.
  3. Lobby / Atrium Displays: Repurposing sections for a product shelving unit like Waveline Merchandisers to display literature in your atrium or lobby is a great option for extending the usefulness of a trade show display.
  4. Marketing Signage: Colleges or art centers such as museums could reuse their panels for marketing materials within their buildings outside of trade show or fairs. Highlighting specialized programs on the panels could be used in any situation.
  5. Space Partitions: The full color printed graphics are a great option for partitioning spaces in the office or creating meeting spaces.

Think outside the trade show, and reuse your display investment 365 days per year.

November 14, 2018
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