8 Best Practices For Preparing Artwork for Your Next Trade Show Display

8 Best Practices For Preparing Artwork for Your Next Trade Show Display

If your company has the resources to handle the design of your next trade show display in-house, you will certainly have a strategic advantage in keeping your brand on point. Save your design team (and yourself) the headache by making sure they have the files saved in the proper size and format as well as using our provided templates by using our guidelines for submitted artwork.

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Graphics designed using the templates provided on our website

Templates for each of our displays can be found on the product page. The templates are located below the product images under the third tab. If you click on the third tab labeled "Graphic Template" you can select the associated product templates. Note: If you are on a MAC using the Safari browser you might need to right click or hold down CTRL and click to choose "Download Linked File As"

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All artwork is at least 72 DPI when placed on a full scale template

The DPI of your images when placed on our templates should be a minimum of 72 DPI and a maximum of 150 DPI. Some of our templates have been created at half scale so that they are compatible with Photoshop and Illustrators maximum canvas size. For templates that are designed at half scale you need to double the DPI to a minimum of 200 DPI. A good way to double check the DPI of your embedded images is to zoom in to your artwork at 100% 

Critical information is within designated area outlined on our templates

Critical information is within the designated area outlined on our templates

Most of our templates have color coded guidelines that show the bleed area, primary area and a 2 inch safe area. Background elements should extend to the full size of the document/artboard, past the final size guideline. Other critical elements such as your logo, complimentary images, and text should be kept within the designated safe area.

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Background artwork is extended to the full size of the document for bleed

All of our templates include bleed.  In order for your artwork to have the appropriate bleed, the intended graphic elements that you want to bleed need to fill the entire document/artboard.  Note: Extra bleed or crop marks are not necessary.

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All artwork is setup using CMYK or Pantone colors

All of our display graphics are printed using the CMYK color process. Although your display graphics will be printed in CMYK, it's still beneficial to use Pantone colors in your artwork when needed. Pantone colors allow us to have a color target for your current display and also build a color standard for you or your company for future projects.

All text has been converted to outlines

All text has been converted to outlines

One of the final steps when preparing your artwork is to save a version of your design with the fonts converted to outlines. This eliminates the need for you to provide us with the fonts that you incorporated into your design. Please note that fonts that have been converted to outlines can no longer be edited via the text tool.

All images embedded and not linked

All images embedded and not linked

Embedding images versus linking them allows you to upload one complete print ready file to us.

Final artwork provided as a high resolution PDF, Ai, or PSD file

Final artwork provided as a high resolution PDF, Ai, or PSD file

We prefer final artwork to be sent in PDF, Ai, EPS or a PSD file, although we do accept high resolution image files, as well as Adobe Indesign. Please note that Indesign files require that you also send the linked elements. Please also note that modifications to Flattened PSD files and Image formats such as JPEG, PNG, and TIFF are very limited.

Taking these few items in consideration will make your ordering and proofing process infinitely smoother. Making sure everything is in the right color format, resolution, and more is key to an easy proofing process.

If you're looking for more details about creating an effective design, read our article "Tips for Eye-catching Display Design."

July 12, 2018
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