8 Trade Show Booth Design Ideas To Elevate Your Messaging

8 Trade Show Booth Design Ideas To Elevate Your Messaging

Why Trade Show Booth Design Is Important To Your Branding Message

81% of trade show attendees have buying authority and purchasing power while 92% of attendees go to learn about new products. (INC.com

Your trade show display should be viewed as a visual  representation of your company in front of a very important and qualified audience. 

This booth may be the first time an important client acknowledges or interacts with your brand. Every part of this space creates that vital first impression. 

8 Trade Show Booth Design Ideas To Elevate Your Branding

1. Avoid Clutter In Your Trade Show Display Graphic Design

When creating a booth design, remember that your trade show displays don't sell your product or service, your people do. Your displays are an invitation not a product pamphlet. 

Do’s and Don'ts For Your Trade Show Booth Design

  1. Aim for a balance of about 40% image(s), 20% text, and 40%white space
  2. Your entire message should take 3 seconds or less to read and digest
  3. Maintain a cohesive look in your graphics (generally use no more than 3 colors)
  4. Use no more than 2 different fonts per graphic panel
  5. Use an easy font category to read like Sans Serif, such as Helvetica and Futura
  1. Place important information in the bottom third of your display graphic
  2. Give a detailed, text heavy, description of your product or service
  3. Use a lot of gradients throughout your design
  4. Highlight more than one or two products or services per display graphic
  5. Use a lot of small photos

Show attendees are already a little overwhelmed and stressed as it is. A clean and simple design is a welcoming sight.  

2. Light Up Your Booth With Backlit Displays

Backlit trade show displays are growing rapidly in popularity and for good reasons.  

Why Backlit Trade Show Displays Are So Popular 

  1. Affordable for all size businesses
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. Portable 
  4. Eye catching
  5. Modern look
  6. Slim profile

Not only are backlit back wall displays becoming popular, backlit counters and individual panels are starting to fill trade show booths. These standalone displays are a great way to grab attention and highlight your message. 

Backlit counter displays in a 20x20 display
Backlit counter displays in a 20x20 display

3. Contrast Is Eye-Catching ...and Free

Adding contrast to your trade show booth design is a smart and absolutely free way to grab attention. 

3 Ways To Add Contrast To Your Trade Show Booth Display

1. Graphic Design Contrast

Graphic design contrast is essentially using contrasting colors or elements to create an eye-catching display. This works for any display type but especially well with backlit exhibits

Contrast on a backlit display
Contrast on a backlit display

2. Multiple Display Panel Contrast

Multiple display panel contrast is simply combining two different display panels together to create a singular trade show display. 

Instead of trying to stretch one design over two panels, consider designing each panel as a different color or unique layout that compliments the other. 

Two panels with complimentary design image
Two panels with complimentary design

Quick Tip: Combining two different panels creates an opportunity to use one panel for general branding and one panel for a specific message.  

3. Multiple Display Style Contrast

Combining two separate display styles can be a great way to add functionality and a natural contrast to your trade show booth.  

Backlit display and a standard merchandiser
Backlit display and a standard merchandiser

4. Use Technology To Help Share Your Message 

Using technology in your booth isn't a recommended technique for elevating your brand message, it's essential. 

3 Common Types Of Technology That Will Elevate Your Trade Show Booth

1. Lead capture / badge scanning software

Companies like CVent offer software solutions like LeadCapture that offer numerous solutions including capturing guest data for people who are interested in hearing more about your brand. 

2. Monitors

Hanging a Monitor on your back wall or using a stand alone monitor stand is a practical way to elaborate on your brand message. Monitors are a great education tool for guests who are interested in your messaging and want more information. 

3. Tablets

Tablets are an affordable way for your guests to interact with your brand through things like games, product walkthroughs, show software tools, and digital demos. Depending on your trade show booth design, tablets can be mounted on the back wall, set up on a freestanding display, laid on a counter, or even carried by the booth staff. 

5. Don’t Underestimate The Value Of Flooring In Your Booth

Flooring is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to trade show booth accessories. It’s affordable, easy to install, and adds a noticeable polish to your trade show display. 

Soft Wood Flooring Image
Soft Wood Flooring

6. Set Up Your Booth So Guests Can Share Their Experience 

People want to share their experiences so make sure they’re sharing their show experience from your booth. 

Consider adding a selfie station or photo area to your show space with your branding in the background. 

7. Your Staff Should Be Dressed For The Occasion with help from Thread Logic

To elevate your brand message, it’s vital that everything in the booth, including your staff, have a consistent look and feel. 

If you sell golf clubs, your staff may want branded polos to mimic what your customers wear on the course. 

Branded Polo
Branded Polo

If your company ships prepared dinners, branded chef coats may be more inline with what your guests expect. 

Branded Chef Coat Image
Branded Chef Coat

If you’re not sure what to wear or want to see all your options, contact the team at ThreadLogic. As a premier branded apparel company, they can offer valuable expertise on customized styles, colors, branding ideas, and more. 

Having a consistent team look conveys the professional image that attendees are looking for.  

While your trade show display acts as the invitation to your booth, your success ultimately depends on your people. Check out this helpful post on trade show shirts and uniforms. 

8. Booth Giveaways Should Complement Your Messaging 

Promotional items are a popular tool at events but not all “SWAG” is the same.

Don’t just hand out branded pens unless you're a stationery retailer. If you sell lawn fertilizer, provide branded sunscreen. 

Relevant items to your brand messaging are a unique and fun surprise for your guests. These message specific gifts also make you more memorable after the event. 


Having a cohesive and effective trade show booth that elevates your brand messaging means everything in the space works in unison to achieve a single goal. Each piece of your booth from staff shirts to flooring impacts your guests' experience. At your next event, try these ideas to really focus on elevating your message through an improved trade show booth design and guest experience. 

June 21, 2021
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