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Basic Booth Size Configurations and Sizes

Basic Booth Size Configurations and Sizes

If you're new to trade shows, it can sometimes feel like people are talking in a different language when they're explaining booth options at an event.

There are four common booth configurations

  • Inline - booths with one side facing an aisle
  • Corner - booths with two sides facing an aisle
  • Peninsula - booths with three sides facing an aisle
  • Island - booths with all four sides facing an aisle

Each booth configuration will come with an increasing price from Inline to Island. Inline is the most common and Island is the most premium of booth configurations. Be sure to review your pre-show booth assignment information so you can be prepared based on the configuration your booth has been assigned. Each configuration requires a different strategy and layout.

Once you know your booth's configuration, also make sure you know the exact space dimensions. 10'x10' is an industry standard for most events. However, some events will have reduced sizes and may assign you into a smaller or larger space based on availability. Do not take anything for granted. Do your homework before arriving. It's better to plan accordingly than to try to adapt on the fly when you're not able to procure anything last minute when onsite.

Ruler measuring

There is a wide range of booth sizes

The most common depths of a booth are either 10' or 20'. Those two sizes then can vary widely in width depending on what you selected during the registration process. Again, you could be assigned a larger or smaller booth depending on availability.

  • 10’ x 10’(20’) - Usually either inline or corner booths, these sizes - specified in feet - give the dimension of your floor space. Many shows have regulations requiring booths to be less than slimmer than the width of your floor space, since your space begins exactly where your neighbor’s ends.
  • 20’ x 20’(30’) - The dimension of your floor space is given in feet, once again, but booths this size are usually peninsulas or islands. These spaces are usually given premier position, since exhibitors are paying more.

Whatever size or configuration you choose, MOD can help you get the most out of your space through inventive display kits for all formats. Envision your company in a larger format island or peninsula booth and think about the impact you can create based on size.

March 6, 2018
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