Everything You Need To Know About Banner Display Stands

Everything You Need To Know About Banner Display Stands

Banner stands are one of the most popular display styles in the event marketing industry. No matter what show you attend, you are almost guaranteed to see some type of banner stand. 

The same is now true in many office and retail settings as well. Pay attention next time you go to the grocery store, bank, or coffee shop. Banner stand displays are all around us.

Their popularity isn't surprising because the display style itself is practical and effective. Banner stands are portable displays that are easily assembled and offer a fairly large graphic area. 

Most people understand the value of these displays but they don’t understand the differences in the many options available. We will go over this question and more in the following post. 

What is the Difference Between Stands?

  1. Retractable banner stands
  2. Roll-up stands
  3. Pop-up stands 
  4. Pull-up stands
  5. Retractable banners

In short, there is no difference between roll-ups, pop-ups, pull-ups, retractable banners, or retractable banner stands. These are all common phrases used to describe the same product. 

In the trade show industry, most vendors and retailers will use the term retractable banner stands when talking about these displays. 

Vinyl Retractable Banner Stand
Vinyl Retractable Banner Stand

*The one caveat may be that the term “pop up stands” which is also commonly used to describe displays whose frames open and close like an accordion or an outdoor tent. 

How To Assemble a Banner Stand?

Banner stands are one of the easiest displays to set up and take down. Here are instructions on how to set up a retractable banner stand.

How To Assemble A Retractable Banner Stand  

  1. Simply remove the support pole from the carved-out section on the backside of the base.
  2. Extend the support pole and place the bottom section of the pole into the corresponding hole located on the back of the base.
  3. Slowly pull the graphic up from the base while leaning the display backward.
  4. Pull the graphic all the way to the top of the pole.
  5. Connect the graphic and pole using the profile bar (metal section running across the top of the graphic) and the connector piece on top of the support pole.
  6. Lean the base forward until it’s standing upright making sure the graphic stays in place.‍

Here is a quick example of a standard retractable banner stand assembly. This stand is using a telescoping support pole.

When you are taking down your display, be sure to do so slowly or you risk damaging your graphic and base. You want to guide your graphic into the base slowly and evenly to and be sure to never drop the graphic. 


How Much Does a Banner Cost?

The price for a roll-up or retractable banner stand ranges from around $60 to $500. On average, you can expect to spend $120 and $250.

Cost Factors For Different Types of Banner Stands

  1. Display size
  2. Graphic Material (vinyl type or fabric)
  3. Single or Double-Sided
  4. Base Color
  5. Support Pole Type (telescoping or bungee)
  6. Base Quality
  7. Replaceable Graphic Cassette
  8. Feet or No Feet

1. Display Size

The standard retractable banner stand size is a around 30-35 inches wide and 81-84 inches tall. If that size is too small you can easily find 38-41” wide displays. If you need to go smaller, slimmer options are also available.  

2. Graphic Material (vinyl or fabric)

Vinyl graphic material has come a long way and is the most popular material found in banner exhibits due to its appealing aesthetics and cost-effectiveness. Some displays still offer an upgrade option to a stiff fabric material usually using a dye sublimated graphic print. The thinking in offering this upgrade option is the graphic will look a little crisper and last a little longer. 

3. Single or Double-Sided Retractable Banner

It’s obvious why the double-sided option would add more cost than the single sided option. If you’re considering a double sided display, you may also want to look at the newer tension fabric banner stands as another option. 

4. Base Color

Most banner bases come standard in a silver color but some stands do offer a black option. Sometimes these colored bases are free while other times they add additional cost.

5. Support Pole Type (telescoping vs bungee)

Traditionally banner stands have come with a support pole that is broken into three equal sections that are all held together with an internal bungee cord.

Newer stands or newer updates to older models are starting to use telescoping poles. These poles are similar in concept to the older bungee style. The main difference between the two is that instead of using a bungee cord to hold the sections together, the pole starts with a wider base and becomes thinner as it telescopes up to the size you need it. Once at the desired height, you simply lock the pole in place with a twist lock built into the frame.

To see a telescoping pole in use, check out the video in the "How To Assemble A Retractable Banner Stand" section above.

6. Base Quality

As with any product, some are built with higher quality materials than other styles. Some bases will use a heavier aluminum shell and metal end caps while other bases will come with lighter aluminum and plastic end caps. Neither base option is wrong, they are just built to meet different needs and price points. 

7. Replaceable Graphic Cassette

Most retractable banner stands have a single set graphic that retracts into the base of the display on a roller. Another option you will find is a replaceable cassette stand. These exhibits have a removable graphic cassette slot in the base that allows you to replace the graphic but use the same base hardware. 

8. Feet or No Feet

Some bases come with two feet, some with one foot and others with no feet. This, for the most part, is a personal preference. Feet may add a little stability but stands that are weighted to not use feet are very stable as well.

As with any product, cost will go up with higher quality materials and more complex designs. Before you purchase a banner stand, think about how you’re going to use it. 

What To Consider When Buying A Retractable Banner Stand

 There are several key considerations to think about when buying a banner stand

1. How often will you use it?

If you're going to use a banner stand 30 times a year, you may want to consider a slightly more expensive display with metal end plates and a fabric graphic. If you’re only going to use the stand at several events, a more affordable option may make more sense. 

2. How wide and tall do you need it?

For a 10x10 space with other displays, consider a stand around 31” wide x 84” tall. If you're using it in a lobby, networking event, or chamber of commerce show, wider options are worth considering.

3. How often will you replace the graphic?

This is a very important question because many companies need to change their content every season or annually. Think about how often your content will need to be updated and the added cost that will go with that before ordering any display. 

4. What is the cost to replace the graphic vs replacing the entire display?

When deciding how to change retractable banner stands, it's important to consider the cost. Sometimes, it may actually be more affordable to replace the entire display, such as the Orient Banner Stand, rather than just the graphics for other stands. This is not to say that replaceable graphic banners are inferior, but it's important to be aware of your options, the cost, and the time required for replacing or updating your content in the future.

5. Do you want feet on the base?

If you’re going for a modern or minimal look, you may want to avoid feet on the base. If you want to maximize stability, maybe consider a two foot base. It’s possible your team doesn't have a preference at all in which case you widen your available options. 

What is a Tension Fabric or Euro-Styled Banner Stand?

Tension fabric or Euro styled banner stands are a more modern take on the classic banner design. 

Tension Fabric Banner Stands
Tension Fabric Banner Stands

These lightweight panels are created using a pillowcase styled stretch graphic that pulls tight over an aluminum pole frame and zips closed at the bottom.

The Benefits of These Banner Stands

1. Lightweight

Tension fabric stands are really portable and generally weigh around 10-15lbs. If the stand is backlit or has shelving units, the weight will go up a little bit but is still typically around 20lbs. 

2. Easy to Assemble

These standard panels are generally put together in under 15 minutes and often closer to 5 minutes once you have put it together a couple times. All you do is click several aluminum tubes together and slide the graphic over the frame. 

3. Double-Sided Graphic

Most tension fabric banner stands come standard with a double-sided graphic. This is a great opportunity to do one of two things. 

What Is The Best Way To Maximize Your ROI with a Double-Sided Banner Stand Graphic?
  1. Print the same graphic on both sides so your stand can be placed in the middle of your booth, event, lobby, etc. This allows your concentrated message to be seen by everyone
  1. Print different graphics highlighting a different product, service, or benefit on each side. This allows you to promote a specific feature to a specific audience at your show. When you want to highlight the other feature to a new audience, just flip the stand around. Additionally, you can still use this stand in an event, store, or lobby setting, you’re just highlighting multiple features.   

4. Affordable

Often double-sided panels can cost $700 or more. Standard (3ft x 7.5ft) double-sided tension fabric banner stands typically cost closer to $350. 

5. Easy To Update Graphic 

Maybe the best part of stretch fabric panels is that you can easily order updated or additional graphics and keep using the same hardware. 

6. Comes In Several Size Options

There are plenty of custom or unique sizes available but tension fabric banner stands typically come in three standard sizes.

Standard Sizes For Tension Fabric Banner Stands


a. 24” wide

b. 36” wide

c. 48” wide


a. 60” tall

b. 89” tall

c. 116” tall

7. Professional Look

Sometimes a retractable banner stand, while effective and practical, doesn’t have the modern look your team is looking for. Tension fabrics stands look sleek, clean, and professional. 

8. Specialty Options Available (Backlit, Shelving, etc.)

If you're looking to add some flair to your banners, consider a backlit stand or adding a shelving unit. Many stands also come in different sizes and shapes. 

Quick Summary

Banner stands come in numerous sizes, shapes, and styles. They are one of the most practical displays a brand can own. Their true value is they are affordable, versatile, portable, and an effective way to share a brief message and visual. 

While you may find hundreds of different options, many stands are pretty similar with only minor differences. When making your order, don’t overthink this display. Most people won’t pay much attention to your hardware, they will focus on the message in your graphic. 

At MODdisplays, we recommend finding a reliable style and sticking with it. We provide a limited range of retractable banner stands because we know the stands we offer are consistently excellent and available at a great price point.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team at 877.633.3976 or email us at info@moddisplays.com

May 26, 2021
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