6 Reasons to Purchase a Hanging Sign Graphic

6 Reasons to Purchase a Hanging Sign Graphic

When you need a customizable but cost-effective solution for your signage, there are many options to choose from. However, not all solutions are created equal.

Sometimes, simple, confident branding at a conference, trade show, or event is all it takes to win customers’ attention and gain their business.

Hanging signs, which often display dye sublimation designs on Nylon stretched across an aluminum frame and then hung above a trade show booth, are one of the simplest ways to confidently promote your business.

In this blog, we’ll explore six reasons your brand can benefit from a hanging sign graphic at your next trade show or brand expo:

1. Brand Awareness

Whether you’re running a booth at a busy conference or simply trying to promote your business in a high-traffic area, the custom signage you use will need to literally rise above the competition.

Consider double-sided designs, designs with curved or triangular shapes, or even unconventional footprints to catch your customers’ eyes from whatever angle they may see your sign.

Double-Sided 15x42 Hanging Sign
Double-Sided 15x42 Hanging Sign

2. Cost Effectiveness

From high expo attendance costs to the sheer cost of travel to your trade show, there are a number of reasons why a high-impact, low-cost display might be best for your brand. Thankfully, custom hanging signs are a great way to ensure your customers can notice your brand on a busy trade show floor.

Sometimes, it’s just best to keep it simple. 

A custom hanging sign is not only easy to set up on the show floor and portable but it is simple to fabricate and easily and affordably replaceable if it is lost or damaged. For budget-conscious brands, custom hanging signs are a smart choice to present confident branding at cost-effective fabrication prices.

3. Visibility

Conferences and events can be chaotic, with customers potentially coming at you from all angles, which is why double or multi-sided signage is a great option.

Confident signage that’s designed with good visibility from all angles is the way to ensure your customers take notice, whether right in front of you or halfway across an expansive trade show floor.

Pro tip: consider graphic signs that employ your logo or brand assets on two or more sides so your audience has the same experience regardless of where they are.

10x42 Blimp Hanging Sign
10x42 Blimp Hanging Sign

4. Durability

Although they are often the least expensive solution, these are not single-use signs that can’t hold up to the inherent wear and tear of travel. But by fabricating once and then using your sign again and again, your business lowers your signage cost-to-benefit ratio with each use!

To get the most for your business’s buck, look for high quality hanging signs that use:

  • Durable stretched Nylon wrap material,
  • Dye sublimation for the application, and
  • Low-cost aluminum for the mounting poles.

15x42 Hanging Sign
15x42 Hanging Sign

5. Versatility

If your business regularly launches new products and services, rolls out new taglines, or even rebrands, a hanging sign that is simple, quick, and cost-effective to replace will serve you best. After all, a hanging sign’s custom sign graphics can be re-fabricated in just a few days.

Whether you’re aligning your messaging to a specific time of year, running a time-limited promo, or aligning with conference branding, be sure to use a hanging sign solution that doesn’t require full replacement.

6. Convenience

Anyone who has had to set up conference signage knows simplicity can be very impactful. With simple assembly using durable aluminum frames, a reliable hanging sign is easy to set up, quick to break down so your team can focus on engaging with your prospective customers.

As an added bonus, hanging signs also typically employ convenient carrying cases, so there’s no need to pack and ship your trade show booth signage when traveling to or from an event.

MODdisplays offers a wide range of hanging sign graphic solutions. Partner with a trusted graphic sign company like MODdisplays and find the perfect hanging sign or custom graphics for your next conference, trade show, and more.

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April 25, 2023
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