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The Different Types Of Backlit Displays

The Different Types Of Backlit Displays

What Are The Different Types Of Backlit Displays That I Can Buy?

When you're attending a trade show or large event, it's crucial to think of a way to differentiate yourself from the competition so you don't get overlooked. 

Backlit displays are a great way to stand out in a crowded expo hall. 

They have the power to make your booth look more appealing, draw more visitors in, and create a positive first impression.

Due to recent significant advancements in LED technology, backlit displays are becoming increasingly more affordable and popular. For many exhibitors, backlit displays have proven to be an effective way to catch the eyes of visitors and gain more customers.

Continue reading to learn more about backlit fabric displays and the different types you can choose from!

What is a Backlit Display?

Typically, a backlit display uses SEG graphics with embedded LEDs or hanging LEDs with a graphic that pulls over the frame like a pillowcase. In other words, a backlit display basically functions as a light up trade show display.

They allow you to create an inviting, captivating atmosphere while giving your booth a professional, modern appearance.

Why Choose a Backlit Display?

  • Backlit displays are durable, lightweight, and easy to assemble.
  • They create a strong visual impact. 
  • Well-designed backlit displays will clearly highlight and communicate important aspects of your messaging
  • They are fully customizable and portable. 
  • They are extremely versatile, meaning they can be used in a variety of settings other than trade shows. 

Different Types of Backlit Graphic Displays

At MODdisplays, we offer a wide selection of eye-catching backlit displays for every need and budget. These stylish and modern LED backlit displays will certainly increase your brand's presence at your next event:

Wavelight Backlit Displays

Our Wavelight Backlit Displays use hanging light arrays that hang between the front illuminated graphic and the sewn-in blocker panel in the back. Lightweight to ship and easy to assemble, these backlit displays can truly be used by any sized brand. 

Wavelight 10x10 Backlit Display at a show
10x10 Backlit Wavelight

The Wavelight displays are designed to mimic the setup of the very popular click-in-place aluminum tube frames and pullover fabric graphic display lines, like Waveline. Due to their familiarity and ease of use, Wavelight displays have quickly become an exhibitor favorite. 

These affordable displays feature single-sided only graphics that look brilliant and vibrant no matter where they’re placed. If your goal is to achieve an extremely bright, evenly-diffused backlit display, the Wavelight is a fantastic option. 

Infinity Backlit Displays

Our Infinity Backlit Displays are designed to make your graphics the focus of your booth. They feature channel-set LED lights with edge-to-edge SEG graphics that cover the entire frame. With high-definition graphics and a color consistency that extends the length of the panel, these backlit displays create an immersive experience that is sure to compel visitors to stay.

10x10 Backlit Infinity Display
10x10 Backlit Infinity Display

Both single-sided and double-sided graphics are available for this display. By having the option to use a single-sided or double-sided display panel, you can use this backlit display in nearly any booth size or layout. This display can be used independently or in conjunction with other displays to form a continuous back wall.

Casonara 360 Backlit Displays

The Casonara 360 Backlit Displays utilize double-sided LED light arrays and feature four total SEG graphics on the front, back, and sides for 360 degrees of branding. This provides a unique 3D appearance that naturally grabs attention. 

10x10 Backlit Casonara 360 Display
10x10 Backlit Casonara 360 Display

If you’re looking to maximize your visual impact inside your booth, the Casonara 360 light up trade show display needs to be on your list. The backlit Casonara 360 displays have one of the cleanest looks on the market, utilizing channel-set, edge-to-edge SEG graphics all the way around the panel. 

XVLine Backlit Displays

If you're looking for a more industrial look but still want a backlit graphic, the backlit XVline exhibits are a great option to explore. These displays use heavier metal extrusions but are still easy to assemble and relatively portable.

In addition to the XVline, many Exhibitline displays, which offer a similar build and look, are also available with backlit graphics.

Casonara 360 Backlit Counters

For obvious reasons, the backlit Casonara 360 Counters are a huge crowd pleaser. These backlit fabric counters are a portable and practical way to add even more branding to your booth while creating a modern feel. 

Casonara Backlit Counter
Casonara Backlit Counter

Casonara 360 backlit displays have the appearance of a much more expensive booth and give your brand greater visibility while making the most of your space. 

These displays are a great way to illuminate your branding message and make it seen from all angles.

Wavelight Air Backlit Counters

The Wavelight Air Backlit Counters are a unique display in that they are inflatable, backlit, and offer 360° of branding. They are very easy to assemble and certinaly pack a big punch on the show floor.

Wavelight Air Backlit Counters at a trade show
Wavelight Air Backlit Counters

These counters are an affordable way to add that little extra pop to your exhibit or event space, regardless of the size or layout.

Casonara 360 Backlit Towers

The Casonara 360 Backlit Towers is one of the most impressive displays you can put in your trade show booth or event area. These towers are very crisp and the illumination of the four individual graphics is perfect.

The Casonara 360 Backlit Towers are one of those displays that will grab attention and pull people into your booth space. They offer a large and interesting wraparound visuals that you can set almost anywhere in your event area. If you're looking to upgrade your space and add additional pop, the Casonara 360 Backlit Towers are a great option.

Wavelight Air Backlit Towers

Similar to the Wavelight Air Counters, the Wavelight Air Backlit Towers are inflatable, backlit, and offer a 360° view of your marketing message. Available in multiple sizes and shapes, it's easy to find the perfect tower for your space. These towers are truly can't miss displays that people gravitate towards. They are perfect way to increase your branding and share specific marketing messages.

It's no wonder these towers are so popular with their simple assembly and large visual impact. Their versatility allows you to set them anywhere in your trade show booth or event area and enjoy the benefit of their 360° backlit graphic.

Find the Perfect Backlit Display at MODdisplays

Whether you need a single backlit panel or a full light up trade show display kit, we’ve got you covered! No matter which model you select, all of our backlit trade show displays are made to add that extra flair to draw customers to your booth!

All of our backlit displays are lightweight and designed to be quickly assembled and taken apart so you can use them at various events. They are the ideal choice if you want to stand out and make a big impact without breaking the bank. 

Whatever your unique needs are, we will work with you to create a compelling display that showcases the uniqueness of your brand. 

Don’t let your booth blend in with all the others. Order your Backlit Display from MODdisplays today! 

February 22, 2023
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