The Quickest Setup For 10’ x 10’ Spaces

Setting up a complicated exhibit can cost your company staffing hours before and after the show. It can also cut into valuable face-to-face time with your potential customers. For many exhibitors, installation and dismantle is an unpredictable and chaotic part of trade show marketing that eats into their budget.

OneFabric Display with lights

OneFabric displays boast the easiest and quickest setup of any 10’ x 10’ exhibit on the market. 

The graphic comes installed on the expanding frame, which pops into place in just five seconds. Tools or mechanical skills are not required. It’s easy for anyone to go from case to trade show floor and back in no time.

The OneFabric system also has a large graphic wall, making it perfectly suited for a 10’ x 10’ space, or as a part of a larger exhibit system. With many available accessories, such as lighting and a case-to-counter conversion kit, you won’t be trading any versatility away in order to simplify the booth setup process.

March 22, 2018