This Versatile Display Meets 5 Key Needs

This Versatile Display Meets 5 Key Needs

At MODdisplays, many of our clients are in a similar situation as you are. They are responsible for ordering a portable 10x10 display that checks all of the following boxes.

Most common needs in a trade show display:

  • Can be checked on a plane
  • Easy to assemble for different mechanical skill levels and body types
  • Durable
  • Looks professional
  • Limited budget

In many instances, clients researching with the above criteria in mind, end up narrowing their search to trade show displays using aluminum tube framing and tension fabric (pillowcase style) graphics. This particular style of display is a great solution to check off that list. 

The advantages of a display with aluminum tubing with tension fabric:

  1. Slim, lightweight, and durable frames
  2. Large, wrinkle free graphics
  3. One person can set up most displays in under 30 minutes
  4. More affordable for smaller budgets
  5. Packs into a manageable hard shipping case (or cases depending on the booth design)

We find that a growing number of companies prefer the multi-panel version of this display style over the standard 10ft and 8ft single back walls. The reason for this is while the multi panel display possess all of the benefits of the above list, they also have some additional benefits listed below.  

Waveline 8ft Flat Trade Show Display Kit
Example of display with aluminum tubing & Tension fabric: Waveline 8ft Flat Kit

Benefits of a display with multi-panel backwall:  

  1. More configuration options
  2. Easy to install monitors onto the back wall panels
  3. Easier for one person to assemble several smaller panels instead of one large panel
  4. More expansion opportunities
  5. Cheaper replacement graphics
Waveline Media 10.01 Trade Show Display Kit
Example of a multi-panel display: Waveline Media 10.01

At MOD, we use the Waveline and Waveline Media display systems for aluminum tube framing because they are the best quality available for this type of display. We have also created our own innovative configurations to innovate the Waveline system to better meet requests and demands of our regular clients.

If you're looking for a versatile 10x10 display that a variety of staff can assemble, Waveline (and similar styles) offer a great value and a proven track record. Once you find a style you like, its just as important to find a vendor that works well with your company’s wants and needs. Having confidence in your display and a vendor you can trust will make a huge difference in your trade show experience. We can help you in the discovery phase to find the right display that matches your needs.

February 14, 2018
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