What Do I Need On My Shipping Label?

What Do I Need On My Shipping Label?

When shipping your trade show display, the information that should be included on the label will vary depending on where you are shipping it. Below is quick guide of what needs to be included depending on where the display is shipping.

If you're shipping on your own account, try the Online Shipping Calculator tool to find better rates and check out this guide on shipping packages.

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1. Advanced Warehouse

Advanced warehouses are ideal if you want to send your trade show materials to a central storage location in the weeks leading up to your event. Most advanced warehouses will provide you with a pre-designed shipping label that you just fill-in and send to your trade show booth distributor. (In the off chance that the warehouse does not provide this label, ask them for one.) If for some reason you don't have a label, be sure to provide the following information.

  1. Event Management Company Name
  2. Booth Number, Your Company Name, Event Name
  3. Warehouse Street Address
  4. Warehouse City, State, and Zip
  5. Event Management Company Phone Number

Tip: Please be aware of the first date and the last date your materials can deliver to the advanced warehouse. These dates should be listed on your label information or can be obtained through the event management company warehousing your display.

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2. Direct To Show

Shipping all of your materials directly to the show is typically a safe way to ensure your display makes it to your event location and is delivered directly to your booth. Often times, pre-designed, fill-in-the-blank shipping labels are provided for exhibitors shipping directly to the show. If a label is not available, make sure to have all of the following information listed.

  1. Event Management Company Name / Venue Name
  2. Booth Number, Your Company Name,Event Name
  3. Venue Street Address
  4. Venue City, State, and Zip
  5. Event Management Phone Number

Tip: Knowing the accepted delivery dates and even the time of day a delivery can arrive is very important when delivering directly to a show. Also, please make sure to check when and how handling fees apply to your shipments so you aren't caught off guard.

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3. Hotel 

Shipping your display to a hotel is often a good option for last minute displays or if the event doesn't offer an advanced warehouse or straight to show option. Also, shipping a display to your hotel can be less expensive than carrying the display with you.

  1. Hotel Name (you may also want to include “front desk” here)
  2. Guest Name, Arrival Date
  3. Hotel Street Address
  4. Hotel City, State, and Zip
  5. Guest Mobile Phone Number

Tip: Try to avoid having a display arrive anymore than two days before the guests arrival date. The less a hotel has to store your shipment, the better.

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4. Office

If you have enough time to ship the display to your office and go through a dry run assembly, this  is ideal. From the office, you can then decide where to ship your display next.

  1. Company Name
  2. Contact Name
  3. Office Street Address
  4. Office City, State, and Zip
  5. Contact or Company Phone Number

Tip: Be sure to open and review all shipments immediately to ensure everything is correct.

Of course, there's always an exception to these four locations, so if you need help directing your next display package to a different location or to update the shipping mid-shipment, reach out to our sales department immediately. As always, MODdisplays is happy to help ensure your package arrives on time to whichever destination you choose.

June 26, 2018
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