Why 3D Renderings Are So Important To Your Trade Show Booth Design

Why 3D Renderings Are So Important To Your Trade Show Booth Design

We’ve all heard the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words." This is certainly true when choosing and purchasing a trade show display. 

You may see a running list of marketing buzzwords and product descriptions on a website or email but are you sure your team and your display builder are on the same page?

  • Is your monitor stand blocking critical information in your booth? 
  • Is your reception counter taking up too much space to move around easily? 
  • How do you get approval for a graphic design that spans a 10ft trade show display or encompasses numerous panels before you buy it?

All of the above questions can be quickly answered using custom 3D renderings.

Why Use 3D Renderings In Your Trade Show Design?

Architects utilize 3D renderings as a valuable tool in press releases, company websites, marketing materials and more. They bring a project to life and illustrate the finished product to potential investors, future tenants, and the general public. 

Architectural Rendering
Architectural Rendering

Renderings also aid the design team and the contractors to complete the project as it was intended and avoid any unforeseen delays, miscommunications, or in the worst case scenario, rebuilds. 

For these same reasons, 3D renderings are a significant value during the design phase of your trade show booth purchase. 

20x20 3D Trade Show Booth Rendering
20x20 3D Trade Show Booth Rendering

How To Use 3D Renderings With Your Trade Show Design

The 3D rendering process is generally a pretty simple one. 

  1. You select your trade show booth layout with your company’s desired displays (this can be a completely custom or more standard layout)
  2. You provide or approve your graphic design for each display inside of your booth (in some cases, you won't need a completely finished design to start to the rendering process)
  3. A rendering artist will add your designs to a 3D digital rendering of each display and place them in the same layout you would use at your show

Once you have the 3D renderings of your booth, you can then easily “walk through” the space to see if any of the design elements or exhibits themselves clash in an unexpected way. Using this tool really allows you to visualize your booth for the first time while adding peace of mind to the entire purchasing process. 

Don't Use Renderings As A Color Match Tool For Physical Displays

3D Renderings are an excellent tool for allowing your team to visualize your booth but they are not intended to be used for color matching.

Virtual renderings, 3D or not, are never meant to be used as a way to confirm how your design’s colors will ultimately print. There are too many variables such as computer screen settings, printing processes, material differences, etc. to truly color match to a virtual rendering. 

The best way to see how your colors will print on your actual exhibit is to request a hard proof. A hard proof is where the print team will print a small section of your design on the actual material your graphic will be printed on. This proof will allow you to see how your selected colors wil print on your final exhibit. 

While digital renderings cannot confirm they are a 100% accurate color match to the final printed exhibit, they are designed to be as close as possible and offer great value as a visualization tool. 

If A 3D Rendering Is Not Offered, Request One! 

Whether you are a marketing agency presenting to a potential client, or a trade show event coordinator wanting to ensure that all of your booth needs are being met, 3D renderings are the most efficient way to visualize your individual trade show exhibit. 

Some companies, like MODdisplays, offer free 3D renderings on every display project while others may charge an additional fee. If your booth provider doesn't mention renderings, ask them. If they don't offer renderings, you way want to consider looking at different booth provider. With 3D renderings being such a simple and valuable tool in the pre-purchase design phase, it just doesn't make sense to skip them.

Overhead view of 10x10 Waveline Media booth
Overhead view of 10x10 Waveline Media booth

Pre-purchase renderings allow you to see your unique display in a 3D environment as it will appear on the trade show floor. This is a great opportunity to make sure your guests can freely move and interact with your exhibits and staff. We will also apply your individual graphics to all of the various elements in the booth and give you multiple views and perspectives to see your booth in a lifelike way before it is produced. 

20x20 Trade Show Booth Side View 1 Rendering
20x20 Trade Show Booth - Side View 1
20x20 Trade Show Booth Side View 2 Rendering
20x20 Trade Show Booth - Side View 2 Rendering
20x20 Trade Show Booth Top View 1 Rendering
20x20 Trade Show Booth - Top View 1 Rendering
Top View Space Rendering - Each Square Equals 1ft
Top View Space Rendering - Each Square Equals 1f

Regardless of your project’s scale, 3D renderings should not be skipped. It may not only provide you with something “worth a thousand words," but it might just save you thousands of dollars and the time wasted on a reconfiguration or reprint due to an unexpected obstruction. 

Be confident in trade show booth purchase the first time with free 3D renderings. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@moddisplays or call us at 1800.663.3976.

May 10, 2021
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