Exhibitline EX1 Tabletop Display
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Exhibitline EX1 Tabletop Display

Modular tabeltop display made from durable yet lightweight aluminum extrusions featuring a large graphic area, one custom-printed header, wings, and built-in lighting. Ships in a hard case with wheels.

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not required if you already have artwork designed to our templates
Product Details

The structure of the display is made from durable aluminum extrusions. These extrusions give your display a clean, professional look, and their simplicity ensures that your graphic is the focal point of your trade show booth. The Exhibitline uses a dye sublimation fabric graphic, which is quickly becoming the standard in the trade show industry. The graphic stretches between the main vertical aluminum extrusions to give the appearance of a rigid backwall display. Display is shipped in a hard case with wheels.


Tabletop Display

  • Dimensions: 88"w x 58"h x 18"d
  • Dye-sub Fabric Graphic: 58.5"w x 39"h
  • Fits a standard 8ft table
  • Printed wings
  • Header: 39" x 12"
  • Canopy with built-in lighting
  • Weight: 50 lbs

Hard Shipping Case

  • Interior Dimensions: 39"w x 19.25"h x 5.5"d 
  • Exterior Dimensions: 41"w x 21.25"h x 7.5"d 
  • Heavy-duty, built in wheels 
  • Two 1.5" nylon straps with metal buckles 
  • Steel handle with rubber grip 
  • Weight: 25 lbs
Options and Upgrades

Optional Monitor Mount

  • Can fit up to a 32" tv/monitor
  • Mounts on a single column
  • Max monitor weight: 25 lbs
  • Vesa 75 and Vesa 100 mounting compatible

A variety of accessories that can be used with this display are available under the Exhibitline parts section of our site including mounted literature shelves, and mounted product shelves.

Set-up Time
15-30 minutes
Ships in 5 business days
  • 39"w x 19"h x 5.5"d 
  • 75 lbs 
  • Ships from Florida

Exhibitline EX1 Tabletop Display


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