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Exhibitline LIT3

Combining tool-less assembly with modern design, this portable literature stand is easy to assemble, features three brochure shelves, and includes custom-printed graphics on the wings.

Original Price

not required if you already have artwork designed to our templates
  • Overall Dimensions: 27.75"w x 48.75”h x 18.75”d  
  • (3) Front-mount Shelves: 9.5"w x 12"h with a 1" lip 
  • Acrylic Wings: 11"w x 41"h   
  • Base: 15" diameter 
  • Weight: 20 lbs
Options and Upgrades
Set-up Time
5 - 15 minutes
Ships in 5 business days
  • 41"w x 21.25"h x 7.5"d 
  • 20 lbs 
  • Ships from Florida
Product Details

Exhibitline literature stands are lightweight, portable, and sturdy. Tool-less, hand assembly makes setup easy with knobs, gusset caps and t-nut supports. The support column is made of 1 3/4" aluminum extrusion, and 15" base is made of laminated plywood. Acrylic wings include translucent direct print. Literature shelves are durable, anodized brushed aluminum.

Exhibitline LIT3
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