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Modular Island Exhibit 2020.07

The XVline 2020.07 trade show exhibit is ideal for island or peninsula configurations. The two arches provide a distinct visual display with numerous surfaces for branding, ample counter space, product display shelves and multiple monitor mounts to get your message out.

Original Price

not required if you already have artwork designed to our templates
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Booth Structure

  • (2) 13' tall panels with 5' x 15' mesh canopy panels
  • (2) 8' tall panels with 5' x 15' mesh canopy panels
  • (4) MM2 monitor mounts

Hanging sign

  • 12ft x 3.5ft high
  • Includes all hanging hardware

Locking Counters

  • (6) 60"w x 34.75" single-sided Sintra panels
  • Weight: 40 lbs

Shipping Cases

  • Wooden crate is 96" x 48" x 32"
  • Hanging sign container is 42.6"w 22.1"h x 15.8"d
Options and Upgrades
Set-up Time
With a team of two or three people, the exhibit can be set up in 4-6 hours, with the exception of the hanging sign, which must be hung by show coordinators.
Ships in 15 business days
  • Ships freight from Florida
Product Details

This particular exhibit features two archway panels of varied height to create depth and layers. The hanging sign allows for your branded messaging to stand out on the trade show floor. The structure is made with durable aluminum extrusions. The hanging sign includes hanging hardware and its own shipping case so that it can be sent to the venue ahead of time.

Modular Island Exhibits are large, portable systems that are designed to maximize your company's presence in 20x20 trade show spaces. These packages offer the flexibility of customization, but are constructed using stocked exhibit hardware to ensure a quick turnaround time, easy setup, and competitive pricing.

Modular Island Exhibit 2020.07
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